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Teeth Encounter - The Sharks Art Edition

Teeth Encounter

The Sharks Art Edition

Main SR only Anker

Michael Muller. Sharks, Art Edition No. 1–100 ‘Tear You Apart’

Edition of 100
US$ 3,000
Edition: English
Availability: In Stock
  • “[Sharks] in no way demonises the ocean’s apex predators; instead, Muller’s beautiful underwater images admire the animals’ evolutionary perfection and graceful power. Nature’s supermodels.”

    — Esquire, London
  • Sharks: Face-to-Face with the Ocean’s Endangered Predator, is full of strikingly beautiful, intimate shots of the animals. Photographing them with Hollywood-style lighting and free from a cage, Muller has been on a mission to help conserve these much-feared and misunderstood ocean dwellers.”

    — CBS News, New York
  • “…extraordinary not only in its aesthetic wonder but also in its ability to change and inspire the way we see—and think about—these majestic creatures of the deep.”

    — Flood magazine, California
  • “The culmination of a decade-long obsession with these apex predators, [Sharks] contains hundreds of photos, shot in beautiful, haunting style...”

    — Man of the World, New York