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United States, February 22, 2018

Painting on the Precipice

“…the twenty-three-year-old Charlotte created a hybrid work of startling artistic innovation, at once a book, a storyboard for a silent film, … and a powerful graphic novel decades ahead of its time, incorporating some of the stunning poster-art techniques of Weimar Germany.”
United Kingdom, February 03, 2018

Travel guide to a vanished country

“That’s how states fail, with a bang and a whimper. Show this book, this fine piece of anthropology to your grandchildren: they deserve to know that nothing is permanent.”
United Kingdom, January 31, 2018

The turmoil and talent of Charlotte Salomon

“One might think that an artwork with such a heavy subject matter would collapse under the weight, but the remarkable thing about “Life? or Theatre?” is how playful, colourful, and sometimes oddly light-hearted the sequence is.”
Germany, January 30, 2018

Hässliche Menschen, die sich gut anziehen

„Dieser Retrospektivband zeigt natürlich auch viele der berühmten und sowie einige noch unveröffentlichte Gorillaz-Entwürfe, legt aber einen viel größeren Fokus auf hierzulande größtenteils unbekannte Arbeiten.“

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Illustration: Robert Nippoldt