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Hong Kong, July 03, 2018

Why TASCHEN Opened Its First Asia Store In Hong Kong

“What do octogenarian British artist David Hockney, boxer Muhammad Ali and carmaker Ferrari have in common? Very little, except they’re all the subject of glossy books by German publisher Taschen.”
Hong Kong, June 27, 2018

New TASCHEN Store in Hong Kong

Art Publication Master Sends Daughter to Hong Kong to Open Flagship Store in Central, Showing Print Books are Still Alive
United Kingdom, June 23, 2018

The Stack

Monocle’s Kurt Lin speaks to Marlene Taschen at the opening of TASCHEN’s shop in Hong Kong, the first in Asia.”
Spain, June 20, 2018

El paraíso como biblioteca

“Las bibliotecas, como contenedoras físicas de conocimiento y como orden son una realidad consolidada a lo largo de más de cuatro mil años de historia. Unos años que discurren de forma paralela a la de la escritura y el libro”.

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Illustration: Robert Nippoldt