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The Power and the Glory - Annie Leibovitz weighs in with her own SUMO

The Power and the Glory

Annie Leibovitz weighs in with her own SUMO

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Annie Leibovitz

Edition of 9,000
US$ 3,000
New price January 2021: US$ 3,500
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  • “Printed in Germany, bound in Italy, the book’s international production fits its contents, which are nothing less than 40 years’ worth of classic and iconic photography… reproduced with breathtaking clarity, texture, and vividness, the colors and subjects practically leaping off the page.”

    — Vanity Fair, New York
  • “There is just one word that describes Annie Leibovitz… wow.”

    — Vanity Fair, New York
  • “A limited edition and weighty affair, it’s a beautiful object in itself…a design statement in your living room.”

    — The Daily Telegraph, London
  • “As oversized as its subject, this breathtaking collector’s edition, with a Marc Newson—designed tripod stand, amasses 240 iconic images from Leibovitz’s 40-year-career: rock and roll work for Rolling Stone; glamorous, playful portraits in the pages of Vanity Fair, plus some intriguing surprises.”

    — Sotheby’s Magazine, New York
  • Annie Leibovitz, the book, is two and a half feet tall, weighs 57 pounds, and comes with its own tripod stand, making it less of a coffee table book and more of an installation... The book serves as a reminder not only of Leibovitz’s undisputed talent, but also of the service she has done for us in documenting so flawlessly the most important moments and people of the past three generations.”

    — Artnet, New York
  • “There have been plenty of Annie Leibovitz books over the years, but this one might top them all. So big it comes with its own stand, Annie Leibovitz covers the span of her career, from her gritty work at Rolling Stone to the polished portraits for Vogue and Vanity Fair. Embedded in its pages is a history of pop culture, from Queen Elizabeth II to Lady Gaga, from Richard Nixon to Tony Soprano.”

    — ARTNews, New York
  • “This isn’t one for the shelf – left open at any page, it becomes a work of art in the room.”

    — ELLE, London