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“As a chronicler of natural history today, Frans Lanting is a singular extraordinary talent. He has the mind of a scientist, the heart of a hunter, and the eyes of a poet.”
National Geographic
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Frans Lanting. Eye to Eye

Edition of 1,500Hardcover in clamshell box with print10.4 x 12.9 in.9.30 lb252 pages700Edition: English

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Frans Lanting, in the words of National Geographic, has “the mind of a scientist and the eyes of a poet.” This first personal portfolio by the master nature photographer presents over 140 photographs alongside personal anecdotes from two decades of working with wild animals. The result is a stunning portfolio of a unique aesthetic as well as a startling encounter with our fellow species on planet Earth.

Limited gilt-edged Art Edition of 1,500 copies, each with the cibachrome print Cougar Face, Belize, signed by Frans Lanting
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Frans Lanting. Eye to Eye

Frans Lanting. Eye to Eye


Looking Nature in the Eye

Frans Lanting’s first personal portfolio

Eye to Eye, the first personal portfolio by master photographer Frans Lanting, presents an extraordinary collection of animal images by the award-winning photographer and naturalist who has set the standards for a whole generation of wildlife photographers. More than 140 photographs captured over 20 years reveal Lanting’s unique personal aesthetic, as well as the startling new perspective on animals his images provoke.

This book’s exquisite images are accompanied by personal stories and observations from a lifetime of working with wild animals around the world, from orangutans in the rain forest of Borneo to emperor penguins in Antarctica. More than 70 species are represented in this astonishing portrait gallery celebrating the diversity of life on earth. Lanting’s work has been lauded by designers as art, by biologists as science, and by others as a new vision of the relationship between animals and people—one that challenges us to look animals in the eye and see ourselves.

Lanting himself does not seek in these encounters the beauty traditionally revered by wildlife photographers. Rather, he states, “the perfection I seek in my photographic compositions is a means to show the strength and dignity of animals in nature.”

Limited gilt-edged Art Edition of 1,500 copies worldwide in decorative slipcase, with signed cibachrome print Cougar Face, Belize
The photographer

Frans Lanting has been hailed as one of the great photographers of our time. His influential work appears in books, magazines, and exhibitions around the world, and has been commissioned frequently by National Geographic, where he has served as a Photographer in Residence. His books have received awards and acclaim: “No photographer turns animals into art more completely than Frans Lanting,” writes The New Yorker. His previous books include Okavango: Africa’s Last Eden, LIFE: A Journey Through Time, Jungles, Penguin, Eye to Eye, Bonobo: The Forgotten Ape, Living Planet, Forgotten Edens, and Madagascar: A World Out of Time. Lanting has received numerous awards for his work as a photographer and conservationist, including top honors from World Press Photo, the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award, the title of BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, and Sweden’s Lennart Nilsson Award. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands inducted him as a Knight in the Royal Order of the Golden Ark, that country’s highest conservation honor.

Frans Lanting. Eye to Eye
Edition of 1,500Hardcover in clamshell box with print26.4 x 32.8 cm4.22 kg252 pages

ISBN 978-3-8228-7752-4

Edition: English
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