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XXL books are a minimum 39 cm (15.4 in.)

Marc Newson. Works 84-24

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From mass-produced objects to limited-edition furniture to one-of-a-kind superworks, designer Marc Newson has blurred boundaries, mapped new territories, and risen to the top of his field in the process. This career survey covers all of his works great and small, with extensive quotes from the designer himself interwoven into the descriptions.

Also available as a limited Art Edition of 125 copies, in a handmade leather case, accompanied by a signed print.

Hardcover11.5 x 15.4 in.11.02 lb496 pages

“It would be possible to live a life only in his designs. Marc Newson has turned everyday objects into works of art. An opulent illustrated book shows his entire œuvre... You can leaf back and forth through the volume endlessly.”


“Marc Newson celebrates his forty-year career with a monumental tome.”

Sabato Magazine

“The designer of all superlatives.”


“An illustrated book that presents Newson's universe of everything in encyclopaedic form and thus also traces his path to becoming the star designer.”

Der Standard

“This opulent survey of Marc Newson's œuvre shows why the Australian is so famous... With Marc Newson. Works 84–24, TASCHEN has produced an excellent catalog raisonné that will astonish you. What is offered here is an instructive panorama of designs that are second to none... This volume is not only an aesthetic treat, but above all a huge source of inspiration.”

German Design Council

“The Newsonpedia.


“Out of this world and rich in images and texts.”

Door di Repubblica

“The book offers a fascinating look into Newson’s body of work over the last 40 years... Readers can expect a visually enthralling evolution from his curious beginnings to his beloved culminations […] An indispensable addition to any creative library.”


“This weighty new tome celebrates the genius of creative polymath Marc Newson, chronicling evolution, experimentation and innovation in a career spanning four decades.”


“Looking back on 40 years of the visionary’s career… [the book is] an encyclopedia of all of Newson’s work.”


“TASCHEN’s new release showcases Newson’s boundless creativity with vibrant images and commentary straight from the designer himself.”


Marc Newson. Works 84-24 takes readers on a journey through the renowned designer’s career, showcasing his diverse portfolio with vibrant images and commentary straight from Newson himself.”


“It’s a true, blue tome of a book which breaks down Newson’s 40-year career and his staggering list of creations in a straightforward manner. Each project features a significant amount of written detail, process imagery, and detailed photography.”

Co. Design

“Provides the most comprehensive survey of Newson’s remarkable career.”

The Guardian
“The real definitive catalogue of my body of work.”
Marc Newson
XXL books are a minimum 39 cm (15.4 in.)
Marc Newson. Works 84-24

Marc Newson. Works 84-24


Design as a way of life

Marc Newson’s complete works to date

This volume covering Marc Newson’s design career can, if you are ambitious enough, read like a catalog of how to live. Imagine waking up in the morning, taking a bath, drying your hair, getting dressed, putting on your glasses, spritzing yourself with perfume, sitting down to eat a breakfast of tea with eggs and toast, checking your watch, packing your suitcase, driving to the airport, catching a flight, and sailing off on a luxurious yacht. What’s remarkable about this scenario, aside from its opulence, is that everything in it could be a Newson design: the bed, bathtub, hair dryer, clothes, shoes, glasses, perfume bottle, electric kettle, teapot, toaster, skillet, spatula, cooktop, plates, utensils, watch, chair, table, lighting, suitcase, car, plane, and even the yacht.

No project is too small or too great for Newson, and his career is a testament to what one person with limitless ambition, ingenuity, curiosity, and versatility can achieve. From mass-produced objects to limited-edition furniture to one-of-a-kind superworks, Newson has blurred boundaries, mapped new territories, and risen to the top of his field in the process. To call the contributions Newson has made to the design world groundbreaking and influential is hardly adequate—more accurately, his is now the benchmark against which other designers' work must inevitably be compared.

This encyclopedic tome covers all of Newson’s works to date, beginning with foundational early pieces such as the Pod of Drawers and the Lockheed Lounge (which has broken the world record for the highest price paid for a piece of furniture by a living designer), in encyclopedia-style entries ordered chronologically by category: Objects, Furniture, Interiors, Transport, and Jewelry & Timepieces. Each description explores the story behind and the making of the piece, and is amply furnished with quotes from the designer himself. The book is rounded out by a visual index of Newson’s complete works, a chronology of his life, a bibliography, and his exhibition history.
The designer

Born in Sydney, Australia, Marc Newson studied jewelry and sculpture at Sydney College of the Arts before moving to Tokyo and Paris. Now living and working in the UK, Newson has become one of the world’s most accomplished designers. He has forged innovative partnerships with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Ferrari and Apple. He is the only designer represented by Gagosian, and his work is present in the collection of over 40 museums worldwide.

The editor and author

Writer and editor Alison Castle studied philosophy, photography, and film at Columbia (B.A.) and NYU (M.A.). Her publications include The Stanley Kubrick Archives, Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, and The Complete Jacques Tati, and her writing has appeared in Gagosian Quarterly, Vogue Italia, Vogue China, The Road Rat, and Chaos 69. She is also the president of Wendell Castle Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the late artist's legacy and archives.

Marc Newson. Works 84-24
Hardcover29.2 x 39 cm5 kg496 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-7101-2

Edition: English
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September 12, 2024, 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Book Signing with Marc Newson

TASCHEN Store, Paris, France

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