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Vanessa del Rio

America’s first Latina star

Vanessa del Rio (Limited Edition)

Vanessa del Rio

US$ 1,000
Vanessa del Rio. Crumb Edition (Limited Edition)

Vanessa del Rio.
Crumb Edition

US$ 1,800

From the Archives

Vanessa del Rio

Back in 1974, the sexual revolution was in full swing and the adult entertainment business was on the verge of becoming Big Business. Deep Throat had created America’s first porn star in 1972, but by 1974 Linda Lovelace was already retired and the industry was seeking the next big thing.

Vanessa del Rio should have been that thing, except in 1974 there were no ethnic sex stars. Undeterred, Vanessa—who was born and raised in Harlem, New York, the daughter of immigrants from Cuba and Puerto Rico—took any role they’d give her, because, amazingly, she was there for the sex more than the money. Fans, awed by her ferocious onscreen sexuality, made her a top box office draw and America’s first Latina star. Retired since 1986, she remained somewhat active in the adult entertainment industry through her website and by appearing at award shows and conventions. Vanessa del Rio remains a sexual icon who cuts across all ethnic boundaries.

TASCHEN’s Vanessa del Rio publications explore America’s first Latina star in all her candor, confidence, and exuberant sexuality through vintage photo shoots, film stills, her own enormous archive, and her own words. And because paper and ink can’t do justice to a personality this big, an original 140-minute DVD documentary is also available. There are 1,300 copies in the Collector’s Edition. In 200 copies of the Art Edition there is a signed watercolor lithograph of Vanessa by acclaimed artist Robert Crumb. If you aren’t already convinced, TASCHEN’s books on Vanessa del Rio will end all doubt that there could ever be another woman like Vanessa del Rio.