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Earth Eternal - The companion volume to the world’s best attended photo show

Earth Eternal

The companion volume to the world’s best attended photo show

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Sebastião Salgado. GENESIS

US$ 80
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  • “It’s a stunning masterpiece — a true book for the ages.”

    — TIME, New York
  • “He’s the Beethoven of photojournalists: big name, epic, moody works, and it’s hard to argue with his brand of genius. The result is a collection of wild, haunting images.”

    — The Globe and Mail, Toronto
  • GENESIS honors its biblical antecedent… there could be no more powerful reminder of all that we stand to lose.”

    — The New York Times, New York
  • GENESIS... a biblical title that suits the majesty of his subjects and offers the work as a beautifully articulated prayer for preservation and respect.”

    — The Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles
  • GENESIS is something new, something quite different. Stylistically and conceptually it is a new direction.”

    — The Sunday Times Magazine, London
  • GENESIS will further cement Salgado’s reputation as one if the most significant photographers of his age.”

    — The Daily Telegraph, London
  • “...a tribute to the diversity of planet earth.”

    — The Wall Street Journal, New York
  • “Salgado delivers another masterpiece.”

    — The Independent, London

Renzo Piano

“This amazing book is Salgado’s love letter to the planet. I love the planet too. Look at the icebergs, at the mountains, at the forests, at the rivers: they take your breath away. But I am an architect, and I love challenging all this immense and frightening beauty by building shelters for human beings.”
Renzo Piano
Illustration: Robert Nippoldt