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Cook Like a Pro, Eat Like a King - Master the art and science of cooking in your own kitchen

Cook Like a Pro, Eat Like a King

Master the art and science of cooking in your own kitchen

Main SR only Anker

Modernist Cuisine at Home

US$ 150
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  • “A courageous editorial undertaking, an obligatory and visually overwhelming gift for all gourmets.”

    — Tagesspiegel, Berlin
  • “Carefully styled objects of desire and instinct. All this week’s “can’t-miss” items are present and correct… Contemporary recipes, essential techniques and star products: infinite knowledge finally available at the turn of the page – and in beginner’s format – from the Escoffier of the new millennium.”

    — Grazia, Paris
  • “It’s didactic in the extreme but without being overly intrusive.”

    — Blog Simons Says, Paris
  • “Experience the taste of excitement. With a spectacular page layout and stunning photographs, this book marks a watershed in gastronomic literature. The comprehensive cookbook we have been waiting for.”

    — GEO Libros, Madrid
  • “These books present their audience with a unique and insightful interpretation of food in many different ways.”

    — Ultravie.co.uk, London
  • “40 pounds of lushly photographed‚ scientifically detailed techniques meant to serve as the Gray’s Anatomy of the kitchen…The soon-to-be trilogy has become this decade’s most influential work about food.”

    — Forbes, New York
  • “Overflowing with remarkable illustrations and descriptions, this colourful work, sizzling with flavour, work will bring joy to the heart of the amateurs and professional alike – and, of course, to the taste buds of their guests.”

    — Lounge, Assens
  • “A beautiful, clear, precise work of reference with genuinely practical recipes and superlative images to back them up; leafing through at random, I came across four pages on how to cook a grilled chicken. Appetising!… I’m going straight to the kitchen.”

    — Gaultmillau.fr, Paris