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Alfred Hitchcock. The Complete Films

HC, 6.7 x 9.4 in., 3.90 lb, 688 pages
US$ 40
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Meet the inventor of modern horror. This complete guide to the Hitchcock canon is a movie buff’s dream: from his 1925 debut The Pleasure Garden to 1976’s swan song Family Plot, we trace the filmmaker’s entire life and career. With a detailed entry for each of Hitchcock’s 53 movies, this clothbound book combines insightful texts, photography, and an illustrated list of all the master’s cameos.

Customer reviews (20)

Perfect Panic

Up close and suspenseful with Alfred Hitchcock
The name Alfred Hitchcock is synonymous with suspense—that is to say, masterful, spine-tingling, thrilling, shocking, excruciating, eye-boggling suspense. With triumphs such as Rebecca, Vertigo, Rear Window, and Psycho, Hitchcock (1899–1980) fashioned a new level of cinematic intrigue and fear through careful pacing, subtlety, and suggestiveness.

This complete guide traces Hitchcock’s life and career from his earliest silent films right through to his last picture in 1976, Family Plot. Updated with fresh images, the book combines detailed entries for each of Hitchcock’s 53 films, an incisive essay that sheds light on his fear-inducing devices, photos of the master at work, and an illustrated list of each of his cameos, together adding up to a movie buff’s dream.
The editor

Paul Duncan is a film historian whose TASCHEN books include The Star Wars Archives, The James Bond Archives, The Charlie Chaplin Archives, The Godfather Family Album, Taxi Driver, Film Noir, and Horror Cinema, as well as publications on film directors, film genres, and movie stars.

Alfred Hitchcock. The Complete Films
HC, 6.7 x 9.4 in., 3.90 lb, 688 pages

Customer reviews (20)

Beautiful book

Baptiste, October 28, 2021
Very well documented book
Great reading moment in perspective

Great Book!

Adam, October 27, 2021
Must read for Hitchcock fans. Beautifully put together as usual for Taschen.

A brilliant filmography

Jérémy, October 27, 2021
A very rich commented filmography of the Master of suspense named Alfred Hitchock. A must have for every cinema lover.

Very nice pictures!

George, October 27, 2021
Overall good book!

Amazing book!

Federico, October 27, 2021
A deep dive into Hitchcock filmography!


Matt, October 27, 2021
I am watching all of Hitchcock's films with this as my guide. Terrific!

It's only a book!

Christophe, October 27, 2021
...but it is by Taschen about the Master Of Suspense, and it offers a real treat like always with this publisher.
This is not only the ideal compendium of the oeuvre of Hitchcock but also the perfect introduction for anyone who wants to start exploring his movies. This publication offers so much background information, that I even consider it a worthy counterpart of late French New Wave's director and intimate friend of the master, François Truffaut's, own study of Hitchcock's work.

Wonderful quality

Sabina, October 27, 2021
I bought this book as a birthday gift for my husband, who really appreciate it. The book is full of photos and amusing stories about the actors and the development of each movie, and it is really complete. Unmissable for all the Hitchcock fans, but also for all the Hollywood lovers!


Kresimir, October 27, 2021
Perfect book, very hard to find!

Hitchcock classics in one book

Paul, October 27, 2021
A wonderful insight into the works of that master of suspense! Fully recommend this book for all film enthusiasts!