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1000 Tattoos

25Edition: Multilingual (English, French, German)Availability: In Stock
Trawl through centuries of tattooing in this eye-popping history of the art of body decoration. From modest, discreet symbols to astonishing full-body adornments, the wonders of 1000 Tattoos will entertain, amaze, and inspire. Whether you’re considering getting ink done yourself or are simply curious about what lengths others have gone: this is the guide you’ve been looking for.
Hardcover5.5 x 7.7 in.1.85 lb544 pages
“A fascinating book for hardcore ink collectors and art appreciators alike.”
“TASCHEN’s 1000 Tattoos explores the history of body art around the world, from Maori facial engravings to skinhead markings to '20s circus ladies to awful drunken mistakes (hello, ankle dolphin tattoo).”
Fast Company
“This visually exceptional compendium treats tattooing with the artistic respect it deserves.”
“Both a trip down memory lane and a study in the evolution of cover art, this is a sweeping look at an under-appreciated art form.”
The Gentleman’s Journal
“A fascinating and disconcerting book in which, on every page, the human body is displayed to fire the imagination of each of us …”
1000 Tattoos

1000 Tattoos


Wearable Art

An exploration of tattoos past and present

Whether you’re thinking of getting a tattoo or just want to see to what lengths others have gone in decorating their bodies, this is the book to check out.

1000 Tattoos explores the history of the art worldwide via designs and photos—from 19th-century engravings to tribal body art, from circus ladies of the ’20s to classic biker designs.
The editors

Art historian Burkhard Riemschneider runs an art gallery in Berlin and has published several monographs on contemporary artists.

Amsterdam-based tattoo artist and historian Henk Schiffmacher is a living legend in the tattoo world. Traveling the world since the 1970s, Schiffmacher has amassed one of the largest collections of contemporary and historical tattoo ephemera in the world, known as the Schiffmacher Tattoo Heritage. He has tattooed many rock and pop stars, and his tattoo shop attracts countless tattoo pilgrims. A director and writer, he has published over twenty books, including TASCHEN’s 1000 Tattoos, and designed for many brands. In 2017, he was decorated by the king and queen of the Netherlands as an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau, a Dutch order of chivalry and the highest recognition given to a civilian.

1000 Tattoos
Hardcover14 x 19.5 cm0.84 kg544 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-4992-9

Edition: Multilingual (English, French, German)
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5 Ratings

Very informative, and with nice selection of works.

MaY,November 5, 2021
Essential for Tattoos lover.

Love this book!

Viktor,November 5, 2021
Amazing book if you want to learn something about the history of tattoo art.


Celina,October 28, 2021
I have been a big fan of tattoos for years now and this book just had to join my shelf. Beautiful layout and selection of pictures. Recommended!

Great book, big history!

Nkls,October 27, 2021
I really love this book, was a pleasure to read and learn about the rich history of tattoos!

Exzellentes Buch

Noelle,November 2, 2021
Ein wunderbares Buch mit vielen Bildern, um ein wenig in die Historie des Tätowierens einzutauchen.