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Expanding Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope

Hardcover with fold-outs11.4 x 11.4 in.5.45 lb260 pages40Edition: English, French, German Availability: In Stock
Revel in the images from the Hubble Space Telescope, one of the great tools in the history of science. Updated with 30 photos to mark 30 years of Hubble, this book includes comment by Charles F. Bolden, Jr. and John Mace Grunsfeld, the astronauts who worked on Hubble, and by Zoltan Levay, who turned Hubble’s data into famous photos.
Expanding Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope

Expanding Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope


Time, Space, and a Telescope

Hubble’s most magnificent images

With investigations into everything from black holes to exoplanets, the Hubble Telescope has changed not only the face of astronomy but also our very sense of being in the universe. On the 30th anniversary of its launch into low-earth orbit, this updated edition of Expanding Universe presents 30 brand new images, unveiling more hidden gems from the Hubble’s archives.

Ultra-high resolution and taken with almost no background light, these pictures have answered some of the most compelling questions of time and space while also revealing new mysteries, like the strange “dark energy” that sees the universe expanding at an ever-accelerating rate.

The collection is accompanied by an essay from photography critic Owen Edwards and an interview with Zoltan Levay, who explains how the pictures are composed. Veteran Hubble astronauts Charles F. Bolden, Jr. and John Mace Grunsfeld also offer their insights on Hubble’s legacy and future space exploration.
The contributing authors

Charles F. Bolden, Jr., Major General, USMC (Ret.), is a former Administrator of NASA, where he oversaw the completion of the International Space Station. He spent 14 years as a member of NASA’s Astronaut Corps, and commanded and piloted the Space Shuttle Discovery on STS-31, which launched the Hubble Space Telescope into orbit.

John Mace Grunsfeld, PhD, is an astrophysicist and a NASA astronaut. He has flown five times on the Space Shuttle, including three Hubble servicing missions. He has served as the Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, the NASA Chief Scientist, and as the Deputy Director of the Space Telescope Science Institute.

Owen Edwards has written about photography for more than 30 years for numerous publications including American Photographer, New York Times Magazine, and Smithsonian.

Zoltan Levay is a retired principle science visuals developer at the Space Telescope Science Institute, where he worked with astronomers and communicators worldwide to publicize science results from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.

Expanding Universe. The Hubble Space Telescope
Hardcover with fold-outs29 x 29 cm2.47 kg260 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-8363-3

Edition: English, French, German