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Greatest of All Time. A Tribute to Muhammad Ali

150Edition: EnglishAvailability: In Stock
Embark on an extraordinary journey through the life of Muhammad Ali. An immersive tribute featuring rare historical documents and thousands of photographs taken by renowned photographers like Howard Bingham and Neil Leifer, the book explores the historic battles both inside and outside the ring that defined Ali’s career and legacy.
Hardcover with fold-outs13.0 x 13.0 in.15.13 lb652 pages
GOAT sets whole new standards. Books such as these shatter conventions and exert a fascination often only associated with other branches: eccentric and unforgettable.”
“Published by TASCHEN, this latest release contains a complete record of Ali's career, essays by leading writers and hundreds more remarkable images. It is all the Ali you need.”
Red Bulletin
“ "A monument on paper, the most megalomaniacal book in the history of civilization, the biggest, heaviest, most radiant thing ever printed—Ali’s last victory.”
Der Spiegel
Greatest of All Time. A Tribute to Muhammad Ali

Greatest of All Time. A Tribute to Muhammad Ali


Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

The epic Muhammad Ali tribute GOAT in a bantamweight edition

Greatest of All Time: A Tribute to Muhammad Ali is not just a book; it is a testament to the extraordinary life of one of the world’s most famous athletes. GOAT delves into the intricate layers of Ali’s existence, tracing Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr.’s journey from his humble beginnings navigating segregation and financial hardship in Louisville, Kentucky, to his evolution into the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.

Essays by those closest to him reveal stories behind monumental fights like those with Sonny Liston, the Rumble in the Jungle against George Foreman, and Thrilla in Manila against Joe Frazier. The book also explores Ali’s signature fighting style, which, when paired with his rapper-style wit, positioned him as a charismatic figure inside and outside the ring.

Beyond boxing, GOAT weaves together Ali’s historic moments with his resilience against discrimination and his determination to confront racial inequities. His triumph at the 1960 Rome Olympics was marred by hostility, underscoring the racial tensions he faced; Ali boldly challenged these prevailing biases. The boxer’s embrace of Islam became a cornerstone of his moral standards, guiding his principles against racism, inequality, and undue violence, with the latter informing his staunch opposition to the Vietnam War.

Interspersed between these accounts are thousands of historical documents and images of Ali, including the boxer’s documentarian-turned-confidant Howard Bingham’s intimate snapshots, Neil Leifer and Flip Schulke’s iconic pictures, and Hank Kaplan’s archival contributions. Stills from Leon Gast's film ‘When We Were Kings’, which told the story of Ali’s pivotal 1974 fight, are also included in the volume.

GOAT is a heartfelt homage to a boxing legend, exploring Muhammad Ali’s indomitable spirit and celebrating his enduring impact on civil rights, sports, and culture.
Greatest of All Time. A Tribute to Muhammad Ali
Hardcover with fold-outs33 x 33 cm6.86 kg652 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-2067-6

Edition: English
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11 Ratings


Antonios,June 26, 2022
No much words are needed: An absolute “must have” book.


Guillermo T.,December 22, 2021
Another masterpiece from Taschen. The only negative thing & why I giving 3 stars is that the book came a bit damaged from the post & one of the pages was with glue so it damage a little bit that page when it was open just that the customer service offer me to send it back & get a new one for free (which I denied because customs in the Canary Islands are a pain in the ass) but they offered me a 20% to buy a new one (it was for a Christmas present which now I can't give but better late than never)

Un must have

Chadi,November 4, 2021
Ce livre est un must have,il retrace le parcours du grand Muhammad Ali ! Très belles photos accompagnées avec un très beau texte !

Beautiful pictures

Johan,October 28, 2021
This is one of the most beautiful sports books I've seen. An amazing tribute of the Greatest of All Time!

Great gift

Frank,October 27, 2021
This book was a gift and is a nice addition to any collection. The text is authentic and rich while the images are equally engaging.