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Modernist Cuisine at Home


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Edition: SpanishAvailability: Currently not available
From the creators of Modernist Cuisine comes a title that translates the art of fine dining to classic home dishes and brings restaurant quality delicacies to the amateur’s kitchen. This 456-page volume includes all the essential information to stock and run a modern home kitchen. Recipes, equipment guidance, and ingredient advice are illustrated with helpful step-by-step photos in all the quality and quirkiness that made this book’s predecessor such a hit.
Hardcover, two vols.10.3 x 13.0 in.13.02 lb688 pages
“Overflowing with remarkable illustrations and descriptions, this colourful work, sizzling with flavour, work will bring joy to the heart of the amateurs and professional alike – and, of course, to the taste buds of their guests.”
“A beautiful, clear, precise work of reference with genuinely practical recipes and superlative images to back them up; leafing through at random, I came across four pages on how to cook a grilled chicken. Appetising!… I’m going straight to the kitchen.”
“Experience the taste of excitement. With a spectacular page layout and stunning photographs, this book marks a watershed in gastronomic literature. The comprehensive cookbook we have been waiting for.”
GEO Libros
“A courageous editorial undertaking, an obligatory and visually overwhelming gift for all gourmets.”
“Carefully styled objects of desire and instinct. All this week’s “can’t-miss” items are present and correct… Contemporary recipes, essential techniques and star products: infinite knowledge finally available at the turn of the page – and in beginner’s format – from the Escoffier of the new millennium.”
“It’s didactic in the extreme but without being overly intrusive.”
Blog Simons Says
“40 pounds of lushly photographed‚ scientifically detailed techniques meant to serve as the Gray’s Anatomy of the kitchen…The soon-to-be trilogy has become this decade’s most influential work about food.”
“These books present their audience with a unique and insightful interpretation of food in many different ways.”
Modernist Cuisine at Home

Modernist Cuisine at Home


Cook Like a Pro, Eat Like a King

Master the art of modernist cooking in your own kitchen

Our groundbreaking and encyclopedic six-volume publication Modernist Cuisine, with its decoding of cooking techniques, sophisticated recipes, and stunning photography, was a revelation for serious and aspiring chefs alike. Following on that spectacular success, Modernist Cuisine at home brings the movement to a wider audience, ensuring that even the enthusiastic amateur or beginner can benefit from cutting-edge innovation.

Destined to set a new standard for home cookbooks, Modernist Cuisine at Home is the ultimate companion for anyone and everyone who wants to master world-class culinary techniques in their own kitchens. In a lavishly illustrated guide, Nathan Myhrvold and Maxime Bilet, co-authors of the original volumes, revisit their themes for cooks of all skill levels, complete with all-new recipes, specially tailored to the most accessible ingredients and equipment.

Drawing on the same commitment to perfection that produced Modernist Cuisine, this publication applies the methods of Nathan Myhrvold’s Cooking Lab to classic home dishes, from hamburgers and wings to macaroni and cheese, as well as to delicacies such as pistachio clam chowder and sous vide snails.

The main 456-page volume includes all the essential information that any cook needs to stock and run a modern home kitchen; how-to features, ingredients advice, equipment guidance, and more than 400 new recipes, most with helpful step-by-step photos that make it easy to bring dining of the highest quality to your own dinner table. All recipes are also reprinted in a separate 230-page kitchen manual, lightweight and plastic-bound.
The authors

Maxime Bilet received a BA in creative writing, literature, and visual art from Skidmore College. Bilet then graduated with highest honors from the Institute of Culinary Education in New York. He completed a stage at Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar and was quickly hired by Jack Lamb to be head chef there. Moving to London, he accepted a stage with Heston Blumenthal’s development team at The Fat Duck. Just prior to joining the culinary team at The Cooking Lab as head chef of researchand development, Bilet trained as sous chef to open the London branch of Auberge de L’Ile.

Nathan Myhrvold is chief executive officer and a founder of Intellectual Ventures, a firm dedicated to creating and investing in inventions. In addition to stimulating the invention of others, Myhrvold is himself an active inventor, with more than 250 patents issued or pending—including several related to food technology. Until 1999, Myhrvold was the first chief technology officer at Microsoft, establishing Microsoft Research and overseeing many advanced technology projects. After working for two years as a stagier at Seattle’s top French restaurant, Rover’s, Myhrvold completed culinary training with renowned chef Anne Willan at the Ecole De La Varenne. In addition, he has worked as Chief Gastronomic Officer for Zagat Survey, publisher of the popular Zagat restaurant guidebooks. Myhrvold has contributed original research on cooking sous vide to online culinary forums, and his sous vide techniques have been covered in The New York Times Magazine, Wired, and Gourmet’s Diary of a Foodie television series on PBS. Myhrvold’s formal education includes degrees in mathematics, geophysics, and space physics from UCLA, and PhDs in mathematical economics and theoretical physics from Princeton University. In his post-doctoral work at Cambridge University, Myhrvold worked on quantum theories of gravity with the renowned cosmologist Stephen Hawking.

Modernist Cuisine at Home
Hardcover, two vols.26.2 x 33 cm5.91 kg688 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-4650-8

Edition: Spanish
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1 Rating

La obra ideal

Sergio,December 17, 2021
La obra ideal para dar ese siguiente paso en los fogones que ya dieron hace tiempo los mejores restaurantes del mundo... pero en tu casa. No solo se encontrarán con recetas en este libro, sino que también aprenderán los fundamentos de diversas técnicas modernistas de aplicación directa en la cocina. Aviso de que les hará desear tener ese equipamiento que les falta. La buena noticia es que eso supone una inversión menor de la que creen, inversión con un retorno espectacular en forma de sabores.