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Crazy Competitions. 100 Weird and Wonderful Rituals from Around the World


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Edition: EnglishAvailability: Currently not available
Ever heard of the Air Sex Championships in Austin, Texas? How about bog snorkeling in Llanwrtyd, Wales? No? Then brace yourself for Nigel Holmes’s bewilderingly funny ride through the wildest, oddest, and most wonderful cultural events. From snail racing and baby crying to throwing just about anything, hilarious infographics reveal the lengths we’ll go to uphold our eccentric customs.
Hardcover7.5 x 7.5 in.1.49 lb216 pages
Crazy Competitions. 100 Weird and Wonderful Rituals from Around the World

Crazy Competitions. 100 Weird and Wonderful Rituals from Around the World


Everyone’s a Winner

A guide to the world’s weirdest, most thrilling competitions

Whether it’s flinging frozen rats or parading in holly evergreens, racing snails or carrying wives, human beings have long displayed their creativity in wild, odd, and sometimes just wonderful rituals and competitions. To show what lengths we’ll go to uphold our eccentric customs, British American graphic designer Nigel Holmes channels his belief in the power of hilarity to bring together a bewilderingly funny tour around the globe in search of incredible events, all dryly explained with brilliant infographics.

You’ll encounter the startling facts behind peat-bog snorkeling in Wales (wet suits recommended), hotdog-swallowing in the USA (tip: avoid breakfast), or who can make a baby cry quickest in Japan. Through this gallimaufry of gamesmanship and passion, an endearingly warm and affectionate portrait of human endeavor and good humor emerges as Holmes proves, page after page, that when it comes to feats of bravery, endurance, or sheer nonsense, the world is united as one in the fine and often hilarious way of celebrating culture.
The author

Nigel Holmes is a British-American graphic designer who spent 16 years at Time magazine, eventually becoming its graphics director. A pioneer in the field of information graphics, his clients have included Apple, Sony, National Geographic, and The New York Times. He has authored and contributed to several books on the subject, and has taught at Stanford and presented at TED Conferences. He believes in the power of humor to help people understand stuff, and he always wears blue.

The editor

Julius Wiedemann studied graphic design and marketing and was an art editor for newspapers and design magazines in Tokyo before joining TASCHEN in 2001. His titles include the Illustration Now! and Record Covers series, as well as the infographics collection and books about advertising and visual culture.

Crazy Competitions. 100 Weird and Wonderful Rituals from Around the World
Hardcover19 x 19 cm0.67 kg216 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-3908-1

Edition: English
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8 Ratings

Fun book

Elen,October 27, 2021
Book is absolutely fun with a nice illustrations on every page but there is not much text about competitions except few main ones, so you will need to Google things that you get interested in and that's ok. Good value for money. In you are thinking about putting this book as a present for someone, go for it.

Fun, interesting and for the adventurous, invaluable!

Nick,October 27, 2021
This is a beautifully designed and produced volume with hilarious insights into some of the world's most unusual competitions, and in many cases, suggestions as to how to stand a chance of winning them! This has given the whole family a good deal of entertainment.

Tres bon service

Jean P.,December 14, 2022
Réponse très rapide du magasin de Paris sur la disponibilité d’un ouvrage et conseils appropriés pour se le procurer rapidement.

Das Buch macht Spaß

Hilmar,July 2, 2022
Lustiges Buch zum ungezwungenen Blättern, diese Art von Büchern gibt es viele, dieses sticht durch die Aufmachung doch sehr heraus.


Anonymous,November 22, 2021
Es un libro pequeñito pero muy curioso

Genau was der Titel verspricht

Sebastian,November 2, 2021
Verrückte Rekorde und Wettbewerbe zum Staunen, Schmunzeln und Unterhalten. Sehr schön illustriert und nach Kontinenten sortiert, voll mit gut gemachten, bunten und interessanten Infografiken. Inspirierend und verspielt, für alle Fans von unnützem Wissen.