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L’ère des comics Marvel 1961–1978


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Edition: FrenchAvailability: Currently not available
Welcome to the Marvel Age of Comics, a triumphant era of comic and pop culture innovation which redefined the super hero genre. This behind-the-scenes treasure trove of images and exclusive insights reveals the making of such household characters as the Hulk and Spider-Man as well as the legendary architects who brought them to life, from Stan “The Man” Lee to Jack “King” Kirby.
Hardcover9.4 x 12.8 in.6.01 lb396 pages

“A fantastic book… By far the greatest representation of the history of Marvel Comics!”

Joe Sinnott, comic book artist & Marvel inker

“Marvel is pop culture in its purest form.”

“A seminal moment in comic history.”
“A fantastic book, jam-packed with some of the greatest comics produced by Marvel… By far the greatest representation of the History of Marvel Comics!”
Joe Sinnott

“A veritable Bible... chronicling Marvel’s incredible odyssey.”

Le Figaro
The Marvel Age of Comics 1961–1978

The Marvel Age of Comics 1961–1978


An Era of the Invincible

The making of household heroes and mythological universes

It was an age of mighty heroes, misunderstood monsters, and complex villains. With the publication, in November 1961, of Fantastic Four No. 1, comics giant Marvel inaugurated a transformative era in pop culture. Through the next two decades, the iconic Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the X-Men leapt, darted, and towered through its pages. Captain America was resurrected from his 1940s deep-freeze and the Avengers became the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and dozens more were added to the pantheon, each with their own rogues’ gallery of malevolent counterparts. Over 50 years later, these thrilling characters from the ’60s and ’70s are more popular than ever, fighting the good fight in comics, toy aisles, and blockbuster movies around the world.

In The Marvel Age of Comics 1961–1978, legendary writer and editor Roy Thomas takes you to the heart of this seminal segment in comic history—an age of triumphant character and narrative innovation that reinvented the super hero genre. With hundreds of images and insider insights, the book traces the birth of champions who were at once epic in their powers and adversaries and grounded in a world that readers recognized as close to their own; relatable heroes with the same problems, struggles, and shortcomings as everyone else. By the ’70s, we see how the House of Ideas also elevated horror, sword and sorcery, and martial arts in its stable of titanic demigods, introducing iconic characters like Man-Thing, Conan, and Shang-Chi and proving that their brand of storytelling could succeed and flourish outside of the capes and tights.

Behind it all, we get to know the extraordinary Marvel architects whose names are almost as familiar as the mortals (and immortals!) they brought to life—Stan “The Man” Lee, Jack “King” Kirby, and Steve Ditko, along with a roster of greats like John Romita, John Buscema, Marie Severin, Jim Steranko, and countless others. The result is a behind-the-scenes treasure trove and a jewel for any comic fan’s library, brimming with the innovation and energy of an invincible era for Marvel and its heroes alike.

© 2020MARVEL
The author

Roy Thomas was among the first comic book creators reared on comics themselves, bringing an encyclopedic knowledge of the medium as well as a youthful enthusiasm that served him well in his prime years as a writer and editor in the industry. He served alongside Stan Lee during the pivotal years of Marvel’s ascension to the number one company in comics, with storied runs on The X-Men, The Avengers, and Conan the Barbarian. Thomas continues to publish his authoritative Alter Ego comics history magazine and remains a popular addition to convention lineups around the world. 

L’ère des comics Marvel 1961–1978
Hardcover23.8 x 32.4 cm2.73 kg396 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-6778-7

Edition: French
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2 Ratings

Lo mejor de la edad de plata comiquera.

JC,December 27, 2021
La época más gloriosa de la historia Marvel. Magnífica edición y selección de contenidos para zambullirse en ella.


Jesús,November 2, 2021
Buena recopilación de diferentes comics y personajes. Quizás se echa en falta más orden en los mismos