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Egon Schiele. The Paintings. 40th Ed.

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With his revolutionary and liberated view of the naked body and sexuality, Egon Schiele emphatically wrote himself into the history of art at the beginning of the last century. Even today, the women and self-portraits painted by the enfant terrible of the Viennese modern age still have an exciting and bold effect. They were all created during the last decade of his short life.
Hardcover6.1 x 8.5 in.2.45 lb512 pages

“The definitive work on Schiele’s cosmos.”

Frankfurter Rundschau

“Schiele fans will love it.”

The Spectator
Egon Schiele. The Paintings. 40th Ed.

Egon Schiele. The Paintings. 40th Ed.


From Rebellious to Revered

Obsessive, radical, disturbing: Egon Schiele

After Egon Schiele (1890–1918) freed himself from the shadow of his mentor and role model Gustav Klimt, he had just ten years to inscribe his signature style into the annals of modernity before the Spanish flu claimed his life. Being a child prodigy quite aware of his own genius and a passionate provocateur, this didn’t prove to be too big a challenge.

His haggard, overstretched figures, extreme depiction of sexuality and self-portraits, in which he staged himself with emaciated facial expressions bordering between brilliance and madness, had none of the decorative quality of Klimt’s hymns of love, sexuality and yearning devotion. Instead, Schiele’s work spoke of a brutal honesty, one that would upset and irreversibly change Viennese society.

Although his works were later defamed as “degenerate” and for a time were almost forgotten altogether, they influenced generations of artists—from Günter Brus and Francis Bacon to Tracey Emin. Today, his then misunderstood oeuvre continues to fetch exorbitant prices on the international art market.

This monograph features the paintings and drawings that retrace the fertile last decade of Schiele’s life. These works are accompanied by essays introducing his life and oeuvre, situating the Austrian master in the context of European Expressionism and charting his extraordinary legacy.
The editor and author

Tobias G. Natter is an acknowledged expert on art in “Vienna around 1900.” For many years he was curator at the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna, directed the Vorarlberg Museum in Bregenz, and the Leopold Museum in Vienna. In 2014 he founded Natter Fine Arts, which specializes in assessing works of art and developing exhibition concepts. He is the author of TASCHEN’s Gustav Klimt. Complete Paintings, and Egon Schiele. The Complete Paintings 1909–1918.

Egon Schiele. The Paintings. 40th Ed.
Hardcover15.6 x 21.7 cm1.11 kg512 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-8123-3

Edition: Spanish

ISBN 978-3-8365-8124-0

Edition: French

ISBN 978-3-8365-8125-7

Edition: English
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3 Ratings

Well-done classics

David,November 3, 2021
Lovely review of the short life of this young rebel who later becamse classic. (Not only) For Czechs is intereresting his family relationship to southern Bohemia.

Schiele Warts and All

Anonymous,October 28, 2021
Beautifully put together. Despite the small format, the book doesn't skimp on quality and information. A real and un-idealised insight into this artist

Geile Bücher

Mark,December 10, 2021
Als Augenmensch und Bücherwurm schätze ich den Taschenverlag seit vielen Jahren. Keiner versteht es so wie Benedikt Taschen, schöne Bücher auch zu abgedrehten Themen zu produzieren und zu platzieren. Am liebsten hätte ich eine Bibliothek nur aus Büchern von Taschen. Weiter so !!!