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XL books are at least 34 cm (13.4 in.) high, with the exception of landscape-format titles

Rembrandt. Les autoportraits


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No other 17th-century artist played the self-portrait game as extravagantly as the Dutchman Rembrandt. Spanning from his youth until just a year prior to his death, this unprecedented collection gathers the entirety of Rembrandt’s self-portraiture in impeccable reproductions. The works are an intimate glimpse into the artist’s lifelong self-reflection and nothing short of a triumph of art history.
Hardcover with lenticular cover10.2 x 13.4 in.4.66 lb176 pages

“These are among the greatest artworks that Rembrandt ever produced. The artist depicts himself with rugged honesty.”

XL books are at least 34 cm (13.4 in.) high, with the exception of landscape-format titles
Rembrandt. The Self-Portraits

Rembrandt. The Self-Portraits


Selfies with Rembrandt

The complete self-portraiture in an XL collection

Few devotees of the form can approach Rembrandt Harmensz. van Rijn’s radical contributions to the art of the self-portrait. Challenging the conventions enshrined by his predecessors, Rembrandt transformed self portraiture into a fully realized medium capable of communicating emotional depth rather than favorably immortalizing one’s likeness in the finest trappings of luxury.

With more than 80 works spanning paintings, etchings, and drawings, the Dutchman’s lifelong practice of self-portraiture functions as a means of concretizing that which is fleeting, be it individual moments of development set against the inexorable passage of time, or the facial contortions of emotion that are gone, without a trace, as swiftly as they arrive. Across the four decades in which they were painted, one constant is particularly striking across media and styles—Rembrandt’s dedication to presenting himself from multiple perspectives, celebrating the multiplicity of the individual and championing the unfiltered portrayal of emotional expression.

Apart from the thematic concerns present within Rembrandt’s suite of self-portraits, the works themselves are rich with technical innovation and experimentation. Glints of light bathe a shoulder while whole swathes of his face blend, obscured, into darkened backdrops. Carved through a wet patina of earth-toned paint with a rough reed pen, unruly curls seem to reflect the light cast down upon them, swirling with boisterous energy befitting the surprise so often plastered across Rembrandt’s face. There is an unmistakable humanity present across the entirety of this oeuvre, each expressive brushstroke and obfuscated feature amounting to an unflinchingly honest characterization of himself, in all his foibles, contrasting states of feeling, and stages of life.

Commemorating the 350th anniversary of the artist’s death, this comprehensive monograph renders all of Rembrandt’s self-portraits in breathtaking XL resolution. From his first experimentations at age twenty-two to his final self-portrait painted a year before his death, this stunning collection stands testament to a life committed to revolutionizing painterly practice both in content and form.
The authors

Marieke de Winkel studied art history and classical archaeology at the University of Amsterdam and history of dress at the Courtauld Institute in London. From 1993 to 2003, she was a research assistant with the Rembrandt Research Project. Her PhD thesis at the University of Amsterdam focused on dress in the works of Rembrandt.

Volker Manuth studied art history, philosophy and classical archaeology in Kiel, Bonn, and Berlin. In 1987 he completed his PhD at the Freie Universität Berlin with a thesis on the iconography of Rembrandt’s Old Testament subjects. From 1988 to 1995 he was an assistant and associate Professor at the FU Berlin, and from 1995 to 2003, he held the A. Bader Chair of Northern Renaissance and Baroque Art at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario (Canada). Since 2003, he has been Professor of Art History at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Rembrandt. Les autoportraits
Hardcover with lenticular cover25.9 x 34 cm2.11 kg176 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-7800-4

Edition: French

ISBN 978-3-8365-7801-1

Edition: Spanish
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November 27, 2024 - March 23, 2025

Kunst und Gesellschaft in Rembrandts Amsterdam

Städel Museum, Frankfurt a.M., Germany



7 Ratings

It is a must.

Carlos,January 29, 2022
This is an incredible book ! It is a must. A very interesting collection of self portraits are included for a ridiculous price.

Loving Rembrandt

Michael,October 29, 2021
A book that exemplifies one of Taschen's core values: Value for money. Excellent quality printing, a wonderful collection of artworks, delightful.

The best reproductions of Rembrandt self portraits

Rembrandt_fan,October 27, 2021
A most handsome production with all of Rembrandt's self portraits. Includes not just the paintings, but also drawings and etchings. The print quality is unsurpassed, accompanied by the very helpful text about each portrait. Although the same works are included in the two large Rembrandt tomes, this one is more manageable due to its size. Without a doubt, my favorite art book purchase of 2021.

Ravi de ma commande

Jerome,October 27, 2021
Très très satisfait de mon achat, comme à chaque fois chez Taschen. Le livre est magnifique. Bravo pour le conditionnement impeccable, ce n'est pas toujours le cas chez certains libraires. De nouvelles commandes devraient suivre.

Una verdadera joya coleccionable

Erika,December 22, 2021
El libro es una verdadera joya coleccionable. La calidad de la edición es inmejorable, como solo Taschen sabe hacerlo y las imágenes inspiran a cualquier amante del arte del maestro holandés. Su portada lenticular atrapa! Y estoy más que orgullosa de tener una copia para mi esposo y que pueda presumir a sus amigos.

Beau panorama

Juliette,October 29, 2021
Un beau panorama de cet art si particulier de l'autoportrait chez Rembrandt.