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BIG. Hot to Cold. An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation

50Edition: EnglishAvailability: July 16, 2024
Through scorching heat to unforgiving chills, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group presents a dazzling round-up of adaptive architecture in extreme environments around the world. Sixty case studies show how structures can become holistic ecosystems of both economic and environmental profit.
Softcover with jacket6.4 x 9.8 in.4.38 lb712 pages
“…it is a beautifully designed book illustrating a diverse range of BIG’s international projects and reinforcing BIG as one of the giants in contemporary architecture. This book succeeds as a great reference for architects with material on strategies for climatic design, project clarity and communication tools while also as a small coffee table book that will easily engage and captivate non-architects with its fantastical design.” ”
“…This excellent new volume, shows Bjarke Ingels’ solutions for extreme environments… Marked by a devotion to engaging with cultural and geographic differences, this volume is ideal for those with a sincere commitment to diversity, design and the power of place.”
“…a spectacular visual study of the possibilities of region-specific architecture…” ”
BIG. Hot to Cold. An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation

BIG. Hot to Cold. An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation


Better Smart Than Sorry

An odyssey of architectural adaptation with Bjarke Ingels

After the global success of Yes is More, one of the best-selling architecture books of its generation, BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group presents Hot to Cold, an Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation. The book presents sixty case studies in harsh climate conditions in order to examine where and how we live on our planet.

As we travel from one end of the spectrum to its opposite we will see that the more harsh the climate gets, the more intense its impact on the architecture. The central challenge is to mitigate the climatic extremes for hospitable human life, while finding solutions that can be both economically and environmentally profitable.

Architecture is the art and science of accommodating the lives we want to live. Our cities and buildings aren't givens; they are the way they are because that is as far as we have gotten to date. They are the best efforts of our ancestors and fellow planetizens, and if they have shortcomings, it is up to us to continue that effort, pick up where they left off. Hot to Cold stays true to BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group's grand mission to find a pragmatic utopia, shaping not only a particular structural entity, but the kind of world we wish to inhabit.

The book features:
  • Design from award-winning artists Sagmeister & Walsh
  • Previously unpublished essays by Bjarke Ingels.
  • A convertible dust jacket-poster.
BIG. Hot to Cold. An Odyssey of Architectural Adaptation
Softcover with jacket16.3 x 25 cm1.99 kg712 pages

ISBN 978-3-8365-5739-9

Edition: English
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5 Ratings

Must-have among the architectural monographs.

Fabio,October 29, 2021
Direct, simple and captivating as perfectly in the writer's style: the organisation and representation of the works itself is a work of art.


Corrado,October 27, 2021
Nice colors, nice images, very pleasant to read.

architects world

Eduard K.,October 27, 2021
Very nice and informative book for architects.


A,October 27, 2021
Just another great book from BIG. He’s really a living legend.

Esencial para arquitectos gráficos

Mario F.,October 27, 2021
Libro sin duda alguna tiene una visión diferente a lo que la anterior entrega había dejado plasmar, enfocándose en aspectos gráficos y de cómo surgen y nace en la ciudad para un proyecto y cómo estás a través de la práctica pueden llegar a evolucionar y formar parte del repertorio de estrategias de un arquitecto. Las fotografías, los diagramas, las imágenes están muy bien seleccionada y tiene una dinámica interesante que trasciende el formato de un libro en una experiencia continua.