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Robert Nippoldt in Berlin

On the evening of Friday, December 15, TASCHEN Store Berlin hosted graphic designer and illustrator Robert Nippoldt. Together with author Boris Pofalla, the two launched their uniquely evocative celebration of the German capital, Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties.

Twenties fever was ignited by DJ Stephan Wuthe’s original gramophone, churning out timeless jazz classics as visitors perused books and enjoyed champagne. Taking time to chat and personalize books, Nippoldt and Pofalla were gracious hosts, with the illustrator even sketching Berlin landmarks into his autograph for thrilled fans. True to their freewheeling roots, many Berliners showed up in ’20s garb, sporting cloche hats and swallow-tailed coats to turn the evening into a veritable trip through time. One could practically hear the backstage whispers and see the bejeweled street lights.

Discover Nippoldt’s vivid portrait of a metropolis in a transformative decade, complete with a CD of 26 rare original recordings.