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Scopri l'universo inimitabile di HR Giger in questa presentazione del maestro che ha dato espressione agli orrori e alle fantasie collettive della nostra epoca. Dalle paure dell'infanzia ad Alien, Giger ci guida personalmente attraverso la sua multiforme carriera con saggi autobiografici intimi, riproduzioni e disegni dettagliati e una prefazione di Timothy Leary.

Copertina rigida8.3 x 10.2 in.1.36 lb96 pagine



Master of Horror

The powerful world of HR Giger

Swiss artist HR Giger (1940–2014) is most famous for his creation of the space monster in Ridley Scott’s 1979 horror sci-fi film Alien, which earned him an Oscar. In retrospect, this was just one of the most popular expressions of Giger’s biomechanical arsenal of creatures, which consistently merged hybrids of human and machine into images of haunting power and dark psychedelia.

The visions drew on demons of the past, harking back as far as Giger’s earliest childhood fears as well as evoking mythologies for the future. Above all, they gave expression to the collective fears and fantasies of his age: fear of the atom, of pollution and wasted resources, and of a future in which our bodies depend on machines for survival.

From surrealist dream landscapes created with a spray gun and stencils to album cover designs, from guillotine-like sculptures to self-designed bars, Giger personally guides us through his multi-faceted universe in this definitive introduction to a master of horror. Detailed reproductions and designs and a foreword by Timothy Leary complement Giger’s intimate autobiographical texts.

HR Giger (1940–2014) was a Swiss painter, sculptor, and designer, who combined surrealist influences and dark fantasies to create his very own biomechanical universe. He first received acclaim in the 1960s with his airbrushed fantasies of post-apocalyptic creatures and landscapes, and rose to fame through high profile movie work, most notably the creation of the monster in Alien, which won the Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. 

Copertina rigida21 x 26 cm0.62 kg96 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8365-3419-2

Edizione: Francese

ISBN 978-3-8365-3420-8

Edizione: Inglese

ISBN 978-3-8365-4058-2

Edizione: Spagnolo
Scarica qui le immagini del prodotto

Nata nel 1985, la serie Basic Art è diventata la collezione di libri d’arte più venduta al mondo. Ogni libro della serie Basic Art di TASCHEN contiene:
• una cronologia dettagliata riassuntiva della vita e delle opere dell’artista, inserito nel contesto storico e culturale in cui è vissuto
• una biografia concisa
• circa 100 illustrazioni con didascalie esplicative



9 Valutazioni


Luis,7 maggio 2022
Giger is an excellent artist his work is extraordinary very unique

Schönes kleines Buch!

Kay,22 dicembre 2021
Ein günstiges kleines Buch über den fantastischen Hans Rüdi Giger, macht Spaß, darin zu blättern. Schade, dass der Text nur in Englisch vorliegt.

H.R. Giger, una retrospectiva total

Arturo,10 dicembre 2021
La obra de Hans Ruedi Giger está reconocida como una de las más fascinantes del siglo XX y ha ejercido una gran influencia en muchos artistas contemporáneos, pero sobre todo, en el imaginario colectivo y la representación de lo abyecto y lo monstruoso gracias a sus diseños para la primera película de la serie Alien.

Better than expected accompanying texts

Evan,27 ottobre 2021
If you know/like Giger, then none of the artwork will be very surprising. I enjoy the art, but seeing the work on this book did not unveil to me any aspects of Gigers style I wasn't already familiar with. The accompanying essays however are really great. For example, one is by Tim Leary of LSD fame, written some decades ago.

Le créateur de Alien

Maud,27 ottobre 2021
Indispensable pour les fans

Very good for the price, but lacking

Howard,27 ottobre 2021
For such a low price, this is definitely a worthwhile purchase. However, I'm hoping for something more substantive in the future. When it comes to Giger books, Taschen only seems to offer very low-price small books like this, or very glamorous and highly expensive deluxe editions. I'd love to see a "Complete Works" book in a standard $70-100 range.