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Scopri l'artista la cui maestosa onda ha fatto il giro del mondo. Hokusai, maestro dell'arte e della stampa, non è solo uno dei giganti dell'arte giapponese, ma anche una figura paterna del Modernismo occidentale che ha ispirato una nuova nozione di spazio per artisti come Monet, Morisot, Cassatt e Klimt. Questa introduzione che spazia tra libri erotici, romanzi storici e stampe di album, traccia l'intera portata del vasto portfolio di Hokusai.

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The wave that swept the world

Hokusai, painter of the floating world

Meet the artist whose majestic breaking wave sent ripples across the world. Hokusai (1760–1849) is not only one of the giants of Japanese art and a legend of the Edo period, but also significantly influenced Western modernism, whose prolific gamut of prints, illustrations, paintings, and beyond forms one of the most comprehensive oeuvres of ukiyo-e art and a benchmark of japonisme. His influence spread through Impressionism, Art Nouveau, and beyond, enrapturing the likes of Claude Monet, Berthe Morisot, Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, and Vincent van Gogh.

Hokusai was always a man on the move. He changed domicile more than 90 and used over 30 pseudonyms. In his art, he adopted the same restlessness, covering the complete spectrum of Japanese ukiyo-e,“pictures of the floating world”, from single-sheet prints of landscapes and actors to erotic books. In addition, he created album prints, illustrations for verse anthologies and historical novels, and surimono, which were privately issued prints for special occasions.

Hokusai’s print series Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji, published between c. 1830 and 1834 is the artist’s most renowned work and, with its soaring peak through different seasons and from different vantage points, marked the towering summit of the Japanese landscape print. The series’ Under the Wave off Kanagawa, also known simply as The Great Wave, is one of the most recognized images of Japanese art in the world.

This TASCHEN introduction spans the length and breadth of Hokusai’s career with key pieces from his far-reaching portfolio. Through these meticulous, majestic works and series, we trace the variety of Hokusai’s subjects, from erotic books to historical novels, and the evolution of his vivid formalism and decisive delineation of space through color and line that would go on to liberate Western art from the constraints of its one-point perspective and unleash the modernist momentum.

Rhiannon Paget ha studiato all’Università delle arti di Tokyo e ha conseguito il dottorato in Storia dell’arte giapponese presso l’Università di Sydney, in Australia. Oltre a essere conservatrice di Arte asiatica presso il John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art di Sarasota, in Florida, ha pubblicato ricerche sullo stile nihonga e sui giochi da tavolo, i tessuti e le xilografie giapponesi.

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ISBN 978-3-8365-6337-6

Edizione: Inglese

ISBN 978-3-8365-6339-0

Edizione: Francese
Scarica qui le immagini del prodotto

March 16 - July 21, 2024

Made in Japan. Farbholzschnitte von Hiroshige, Kunisada und Hokusai

Kunstmuseum, Basel, Switzerland

Nata nel 1985, la serie Basic Art è diventata la collezione di libri d’arte più venduta al mondo. Ogni libro della serie Basic Art di TASCHEN contiene:
• una cronologia dettagliata riassuntiva della vita e delle opere dell’artista, inserito nel contesto storico e culturale in cui è vissuto
• una biografia concisa
• circa 100 illustrazioni con didascalie esplicative



18 Valutazioni

Très belles estampes

Guillaume,10 gennaio 2022
Pour les amateurs

Ausgezeichneter Überblick

Heinz H.,3 novembre 2021
Ein ausgezeichneter Überblick über das Schaffen von Hokusai und in der gewohnten Qualität. Es macht Spaß, darin zu blättern und die unglaubliche Technik des japanischen Holzschnitts auf sich wirken zu lassen. Der Preis ist günstig (wie machen die das bloß?) und der Versand ging schnell. Vielen Dank.

Hokusai's ideas are more poignant today than ever before

Nessa,29 ottobre 2021
Japanese culture is one we can all learn from. Hokusai encourages us to accept the flow of life and live close to nature. His story is more poignant these days than ever before and I'm sure if he was alive today he would agree the only way to stop climate change it to respect and love our environment. TASCHEN tells the story of his life and ideas beautifully in this book and I couldn't recommend it more for people who are interested in a bite-size description of the artist's story and ideas.

Hokusai: The Essentials

Matthew G.,29 ottobre 2021
More than just a pretty picture book, this thing is a users manual for humankind. With each page turned the Viewer/Reader is transported into the mind and visions of an artist who allowed the people of the world to see themselves as the simple creatures they are. Aside from the obvious image of his Tsunami and his startling eroticism, his true mouth watering artistry can be found in his depiction of everyday life. Just like that Tsunami did, this examination of genius will sweep you away too.


Maria,29 ottobre 2021
A great coffee table book. Good quality and interesting content.


Matthieu,28 ottobre 2021
Comme toujours, un ouvrage impeccable pour découvrir un artiste et son histoire. Merci à Taschen pour cette collection qui donne un accès facile à la culture ! Ici HOKUSAI et la découverte de son œuvre. Sublime.