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Pour l’amour du rock - D’Elvis à Nirvana: les pochettes de disques les plus marquantes de l’histoire du rock

Pour l’amour du rock

D’Elvis à Nirvana: les pochettes de disques les plus marquantes de l’histoire du rock

Main SR only Anker

Rock Covers

US$ 70
Édition multilingue:
Allemand, Anglais, Français
Disponibilité: En stock
  • «Le plaisir du rock ne s’est jamais limité à la musique, et des pochettes de disques étranges, sublimes, choquantes ou intrigantes l’accompagnaient et magnifiaient son implacable attrait. 600 parmi les plus belles et les plus marquantes sont réunies dans ce somptueux livre enclume, et les magnifiques reproductions pleine page leur rendent l’hommage qu’elles méritent. Dark Side of the Moon, Exile on Main Street, London Calling et leurs créateurs souvent obscurs trouvent enfin ici l’écrin à la mesure de leur impact.»

    — Les Inrocks Hors Série, Paris
  • “…a lovingly and illuminatingly annotated journey throughout decades’ worth of striking, historical album sleeves.”

    — Metal Hammer, London
  • “…an all-visual affair and a very proper gift for anyone who loves music and remembers the physicality of vinyl records.”

    — Selectism.com, New York
  • “For hardcore record collectors or appreciators of physical media, it’s a great tribute to an art form that we hope remains relevant for a long time.”

    — Uncrate.com
  • “We know music is for listening to, but when album sleeves are this great they deserve their time to shine. Rock Covers is the ultimate rock’n’roll art book, with over 750 (yep, seriously) covers that range from well-known to really rare releases. This is one to show off to your friends.”

    — InStyle.co.uk, London
  • “…as is the case with any TASCHEN book, you can rest assured it will look as good on display as it will when you’re flipping through the pages and listening to some Pink Floyd.”

    — Coolmaterial.com
  • “And here they all are, in this great, big, fat Rock Covers book from TASCHEN. Just looking at the images of these covers (and many, many more) brings back musical memories; they’re very evocative…”

    — The Style King, London
  • «…un délicieux cocktail sensoriel qui mêle iconographie et musique et nous transporte vers des albums cultes…Un livre à avoir.»

    — daily-sartore.fr, Paris
  • “…The material is wonderful. The subject merits so thorough and authoritative account and caption details are good…”

    — The Spectator, London
  • “…a full anthology of familiar – and wonderfully obscure – rock albums.”

    — NYLON Magazine, New York