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Verliebt in Gisele - Anschauen macht glücklich – Gisele Bündchen, Supermodel

Verliebt in Gisele

Anschauen macht glücklich – Gisele Bündchen, Supermodel

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Gisele Bündchen

Edition von 900 Exemplaren
US$ 2.000
  • “[Gisele Bündchen] offers readers a sense of exclusivity and timelessness – one of those once-in-a-lifetime purchases to own a sliver of Bündchen’s inimitable legacy.”

    — garagemag.com
  • “This book should carry a health warning: it’s very large, heavy and expensive… Teenage girls will love it, if they can tear it away from their brothers. And don’t let your half-sozzled uncle spill his drink on it on Christmas Day, as this book is a real investment.”

    — The Sunday Times Style Supplement, London
  • “…a retrospective of some of her most daring, controversial, and revealing editorial and commercial projects of the past 20 years.”

    — W Magazine, New York
  • „Eine wie keine: Bei manchen der Fotos in Gisele Bündchen muss man zweimal hinschauen, um sie zu erkennen. Am hinreißendsten aber ist sie auf den Bildern, auf denen sie unverkennbar sie selbst ist.“

    — Vogue, New York
  • “THE coffee-table book of ALL coffee-table books. This is coffee-table couture people, and every fashionista will lust for it to grace their living room surfaces. The limited Collector’s Edition is here to celebrate Gisele’s 20-year milestone in the fashion industry, and oozes full-on glamour from its pages.”

    — TheFashionache.blogspot.co.uk