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I libri XL hanno un'altezza minima di 34 cm, ad eccezione dei titoli in formato orizzontale.

Walton Ford. Pancha Tantra. Updated Edition

100Edizione: Multilingue (Francese, Inglese, Tedesco)Disponibilità: Disponibile
Gli acquerelli di animali di Walton Ford, realizzati su larga scala, costituiscono un universo antropomorfo unico nel suo genere, ricco di scherzi e significati nascosti. Questa pubblicazione, che rappresenta la più completa rassegna dell'opera di Ford, presenta 40 nuove opere, più di 120 pagine aggiuntive e un nuovo saggio dell'artista.
Copertina rigida11.0 x 14.7 in.8.57 lb424 pagine
I libri XL hanno un'altezza minima di 34 cm, ad eccezione dei titoli in formato orizzontale.
Walton Ford. Pancha Tantra. Updated Edition

Walton Ford. Pancha Tantra. Updated Edition


Bestial Tableaux

Walton Ford’s sinister wildlife scenes in an updated edition

At first glance, Walton Ford’s large-scale, highly detailed watercolors of animals recall the prints of 19th-century illustrators John James Audubon and Edward Lear. A closer look reveals a complex and disturbingly anthropomorphic universe, full of symbols, sly jokes, and allusions to the ‘operatic’ quality of traditional natural history.

In this stunning but sinister visual universe, beasts and birds are not mere aesthetic objects but dynamic actors in allegorical struggles: a wild turkey crushes a small parrot in its claw; a troupe of monkeys wreaks havoc on a formal dinner table; an American buffalo is surrounded by bloodied white wolves. In dazzling watercolor, the images impress as much for their impeccable realism as they do for their complex narratives.

First available as a signed and limited volume, this updated edition of Pancha Tantra is the most comprehensive survey of Ford’s oeuvre to date, with 40 new works, more than 120 additional pages, and a new essay by the artist. It features dazzling details, an in-depth exploration of his visual universe, a complete biography, and excerpts from his textual inspirations: from Indian folktales and the letters of Benjamin Franklin to the Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini and Audubon’s Ornithological Biography.

Walton Ford, born 1960, studied filmmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design, but soon realized he was a painter. For the last 25 years he has been creating large-scale narrative watercolors. His work has been widely exhibited, including solo shows at the Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin and the Brooklyn Museum in New York.


Bill Buford is an author and New Yorker staff writer, as well as the founding editor of Granta, which he edited for 16 years. His books include Among the Thugs and Heat: An Amateur’s Adventures as a Kitchen Slave. He lives in New York City with his wife and two sons.

Walton Ford. Pancha Tantra. Updated Edition
Copertina rigida28 x 37.4 cm3.89 kg424 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8365-7815-8

Edizione: Multilingue (Francese, Inglese, Tedesco)
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3 Valutazioni


Natalia,29 gennaio 2022
Libro de una calidad excepcional. Es mi decoración de salón, no me canso de mirarlo

great artbook

Nikolaus,28 ottobre 2021
Stunning artworks, good size (very big). Couldn‘t be happier

Amazing animal paintings

Sibilla,27 ottobre 2021
Marvellous and slightly disturbing animal portraits - can look at them over and over again.