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Natürliche Auslese - Walton Fords wunderschöne wilde Tiere und Vögel

Natürliche Auslese

Walton Fords wunderschöne wilde Tiere und Vögel

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Walton Ford. Pancha Tantra

Edition von 1.500 Exemplaren
US$ 2.000
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  • “The matter-of-fact cruelty of the animal kingdom has never seemed more disturbingly beautiful.”

    — Vanity Fair, New York
  • “Audubon-on-Viagra.”

    — New York Magazine, New York
  • Pancha Tantra provides the first comprehensive viewing of Ford’s work in all its gory‚ hyper-real glory.”

    — Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles
  • “It’s natural history at its raciest.”

    — Culture & Travel Magazine, New York
  • “This socio-politically charged work is a penetrating look at the natural world‚ at once amusing and disturbing… its pages present a cast of carnivores that jump out of their jungle and go for the jugular.”

    — Interiors Magazine, Chicago
  • Walton Ford: Pancha Tantra showcases a menagerie of his bestial tableaus‚ like primates plundering a dinner party or the elephant bird of Madagascar‚ now extinct‚ as it struggles to escape a noose.”

    — New York Times T Magazine, New York