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Walter Chandoha. Dogs. Photographs 1941–1991

50Edizione: Multilingue (Francese, Inglese, Tedesco)Disponibilità: luglio 14, 2024
La straordinaria eredità di Walter Chandoha, il più grande fotografo di animali domestici del XX secolo, rivive in questo sequel del suo acclamato Cats. Con oltre 60 razze, fotografate in una varietà di stili e luoghi, il libro include ritratti a colori in studio e in ambiente, scene di strada in bianco e nero, cani che vagano liberi in campagna e mostre canine d'epoca. Ogni immagine è ricca della tenerezza e dell'empatia di Chandoha per questi esseri affascinanti.
Copertina rigida9.3 x 12.4 in.5.11 lb296 pagine
Walter Chandoha. Dogs. Photographs 1941–1991

Walter Chandoha. Dogs. Photographs 1941–1991


Man’s Best Friend

The world’s most beloved pet photographer turns his lens on our canine companions

The world appears to be divided into cat and dog lovers, but fortunately Walter Chandoha, the 20th century’s greatest pet photographer found himself happily in the middle. He loved these intriguing creatures equally for their unique beauty and individualism, and as subjects to photograph in a career spanning over 70 years. While working on his critically acclaimed TASCHEN book Cats, Chandoha handpicked his favorite dog photos for a potential follow-up title, putting into carefully marked boxes hundreds of contact sheets, prints, and color transparencies, many unseen for at least 50 years, and some totally unseen.

Chandoha sadly passed away in 2019 at the age of 98, but his legacy lives on in this dashing sequel dedicated to man’s best friend. “Walter Chandoha’s photographs of dogs are compelling not just because dogs have an inherent charm, but because the person behind the camera was a master of his craft,” writes the photography critic Jean Dykstra in the book’s introduction.

We see terriers, collies, beagles, bloodhounds, poodles, small dogs, big dogs, show dogs, working dogs, and many more, featuring over 60 breeds photographed in both black-and-white and glorious Kodachrome.

Spanning a 50-year period, the book is divided into six sections, and each chapter reveals Chandoha’s exceptional combination of technique, versatility, and soul. The opening chapter “In the Studio” focuses on formal portraiture; next it’s “Strike a Pose” where our canine companions ham it up for the camera; in “Out and About” they get to roam and play, often photographed with Chandoha’s own children; next it’s “Best in Show” with Chandoha using his reportage skills to capture vintage dog shows from the Mad Men era; in “Tails from the City, the dogs are hitting the streets of mid-century New York; and in the closing chapter “Country Dogs, it’s back to nature, the fields, and the beaches. Dogs is an unleashed photographic tribute to these lovable and loyal creatures.
Il fotografo

Walter Chandoha (1920–2019) è stato fotografo di guerra durante il secondo conflitto mondiale e art director nell’immediato dopoguerra, prima che un incontro casuale con un gatto lo portasse su una strada che avrebbe influenzato profondamente la sua carriera professionale. Le sue immagini sono comparse su oltre 300 copertine di riviste e in centinaia di pubblicità, dai manifesti alle T-shirt, fino al grande Colorama Kodak di 5,5 x 18 metri nella Grand Central Station di New York.


Reuel Golden è un ex redattore del British Journal of Photography. Per TASCHEN ha curato Capitol Records, Mick Rock: The Rise of David Bowie, i due Portrait of a City dedicati a Londra e New York, Andy Warhol. Polaroids, The Rolling Stones, Her Majesty e i volumi del National Geographic.

Walter Chandoha. Dogs. Photographs 1941–1991
Copertina rigida23.7 x 31.6 cm2.32 kg296 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8365-8429-6

Edizione: Multilingue (Francese, Inglese, Tedesco)
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3 Valutazioni

Gute Laune Buch

Christian,10 dicembre 2021
Tolle Hundefotografie, schöne Bilder aus vielen Jahrzehnten. Ich finde es ist einfach wunderbar anzusehen und bessert die Laune auf.

I Love Dogs

Elham,27 ottobre 2021
Ich liebe dieses Buch, es ist eine tierische Ergänzung zu meiner Taschen Sammlung


Isidwra,27 ottobre 2021
Such an awesome and unique book. I love it