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Steve McCurry. Afghanistan

80Edizione: Multilingue (Francese, Inglese, Tedesco)Disponibilità: Disponibile
Questa è la retrospettiva definitiva del lavoro di Steve McCurry in Afghanistan. Segnato da profonde fratture tribali, etniche e religiose, il Khurasan, come gli afghani hanno chiamato la loro terra negli ultimi due millenni, ha avuto solo poche ore di unità politica. McCurry ha raccolto oltre 140 immagini avvincenti in quasi quattro decenni di viaggi in Afghanistan, ritraendo un paese apparentemente martoriato ma bellissimo e con una rara e disarmante umanità.
Copertina rigida9.4 x 13.1 in.5.54 lb256 pagine
Steve McCurry. Afghanistan

Steve McCurry. Afghanistan


War and Grace

Magnum photographer Steve McCurry’s Afghanistan retrospective

Afghanistan has long been a country overwhelmed by tribal rivalries, colonial wars, and geo-political conflict. The Afghans have called their mountains “the land of rebellion,” a land that has not been successfully occupied since the times of Alexander the Great. These invaders — Persians, Arabs, Moguls, Sikhs, British, Russians — may have been thwarted, but wandering through the bazaars of Kabul will attest to their legacy. In the people of Afghanistan, the genes of countless races meet and intermingle.

Deep are the fissures in Afghan society; the schism between Sunni and Shia, the endemic violence across clans and tribes, and the blood feuds and rivalries within lineages. Yet born of such chaos and entrenched conflict are these most breathtaking of images.

In this definitive retrospective of his work in Afghanistan, Steve McCurry has curated over 140 gripping images to present a torn, proud people, from the desert of Kandahar to the streets of Kabul and remote rivers of Nuristan. For almost four decades, McCurry traveled to the country regularly, documenting its people with a rare and disarming humanity. His most striking portrait Afghan Girl (1984) has graced the covers of magazines around the world, in equal parts haunting and evoking remarkable grace and dignity. In common with so much of McCurry’s work, it has a timeless, painterly quality—entirely at odds with the troubled region in which it was taken.

McCurry has always been subjected to dangers that are an inevitable part of life “on the road” for photographers. He often ventured behind the lines, usually at great risk. His first trip to Afghanistan in 1979 involved him dressing in Afghan garb in order to be smuggled across the border from Pakistan. That journey into the treacherous, unpredictable landscape — territory controlled at various times by the Mujahideen, the Russians, and the Taliban — was one that McCurry would make numerous times. Many other photographers would follow in his footsteps, but none would return with such a flawless body of work.
Il fotografo

Steve McCurry was born in Philadelphia, PA, and has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than forty years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name. After numerous travels throughout India, the Middle East and Afghanistan, he founded ImagineAsia in 2004, with the mission to help provide educational resources and opportunities to children and young adults in Afghanistan. This is his third book for TASCHEN, following Afghanistan (2017) and Animals (2019).

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William Dalrymple is a Scotland-born historian, critic, curator, and writer. He first gained recognition for his acclaimed bestseller In Xanadu, recounting his incredible journey following the route of Marco Polo from Jerusalem to Mongolia. He has received numerous awards and recognition, including the Duff Cooper Memorial Prize, the Sunday Times Young British Writer of the Year Award, and the Wolfson Prize, among others.

Steve McCurry. Afghanistan
Copertina rigida24 x 33.3 cm2.52 kg256 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8365-6936-1

Edizione: Multilingue (Francese, Inglese, Tedesco)
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48 Valutazioni

Gran libro

Jorge,29 gennaio 2022
El libro en este formato tan grande hace que se puedan disfrutar mucho. Gran compra

Stunning images from Afghanistan

Martin,12 novembre 2021
Steve McCurry can certainly take a photograph. These stunning images present great value in this book.


Sabrina,5 novembre 2021
An incredibly powerful and moving collection of the best work of McCurry in Afghanistan.

History through images

Marco,4 novembre 2021
The history of a country through the eyes of an Artist with images, atmospheres and colors that tell a journey over forty years.

Compassion and Beauty

Ivan,4 novembre 2021
Steve McCurry has spent a lot of his time capturing the untold lives and struggles of people far away from the westernized world. One of the most misunderstood places in the past decades is Afghanistan and this book shows a different face of the Afghani people and culture. The book is filled with beauty but also struggle and tragedy and leaves anyone who reads it with an overwhelming compassion to a people who have been wronged. One of the best McCurry books.

Fotografisches Talent dokumentiert viel Leid

Anonymous,3 novembre 2021
Wer hier spektakuläre Landschaftsbilder Afghanistans erwartet, wird nur teilweise zufrieden sein. Viele Fotografien McCurrys dokumentieren auch Waffen oder Kriegsspuren, die zweifelsohne zum Nachdenken anregen, aber eben nicht nur die schönste Seite eines zu oft mit Krieg assoziierten Landes zeigen.