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I libri XXL misurano almeno 39 cm.

The History of EC Comics


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Nel 1947, Bill Gaines eredita la casa editrice del padre, la EC Comics. Negli otto anni successivi, Gaines e i suoi scrittori e artisti reinventarono il fumetto, introducendo temi maturi e titoli leggendari come Tales from the Crypt, Weird Science e MAD. Con oltre 1.000 immagini, i fan della EC troveranno sicuramente qualcosa di nuovo.
Copertina rigida11.4 x 15.6 in.13.28 lb592 pagine
I libri XXL misurano almeno 39 cm.
The History of EC Comics

The History of EC Comics


Calling All EC Fan-Addicts!

A history of the world’s most notorious comics

In 1947, Bill Gaines inherited EC Comics, a new venture founded by his legendary father M. C. Gaines, who was responsible for midwifing the birth of the comic book as we know it during his tenure at All-American Comics, bringing the likes of Wonder Woman and Green Lantern to the world. Over the next eight years, Bill Gaines and a “who’s who” of the era including Al Feldstein, Harvey Kurtzman, and Wally Wood would reinvent the very notion of the comic book with titles like Tales from the Crypt, Crime SuspenStories, Weird Science, and MAD.

EC delighted in publishing gory, morbid horror and crime comics that had snap, ironic endings—but they also pioneered the first true-to-life war comics, the first “real” science-fiction stories, and a series of tales about such then-taboo subjects as racism, bigotry, vigilantism, drug addiction, police corruption, and anti-Semitism. Too good to last, they were eventually caught up by various 1950s guardians of morality, who were convinced that EC’s often over-the-top content was causing juvenile delinquency. A year or so after a full inquiry investigating horror and crime comics, the incredible EC Comics were no more.

TASCHEN presents the full, fascinating story of this fabled company, written and expertly curated by EC-authority Grant Geissman. Even the most die-hard EC Fan-Addicts will find something new within these pages, with the Gaines family archives providing more than 100 rarities that have never seen print. Many of the cover images are reproduced from Gaines File Copies, which are widely regarded as the best surviving copies of the EC Comics.

Gathering more than 1,000 illustrations that include the rarest and most notorious covers, interior pages and panels, photos, vintage original artwork, and some of the most celebrated stories ever to be printed in four colors for a dime, this is the ultimate EC Comics compendium and a must-have for any comics enthusiast or pop culture historian.

Grant Geissman is one of the world’s leading experts on EC Comics and Mad magazine, and the author and designer of four books on the subject, three of them nominated for an Eisner Award. He is also an Emmy-nominated guitarist and composer who co-wrote the music for the hit television series Two and a Half Men and Mike & Molly. He has fourteen albums released under his own name, including the jazz trilogy Say That!, Cool Man Cool, and BOP! BANG! BOOM!

The History of EC Comics
Copertina rigida29 x 39.5 cm6.02 kg592 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8365-4976-9

Edizione: Inglese
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4 Valutazioni

Jose V.,23 febbraio 2024
Good book but very heavy and uncomfortable to read.

kevin c.,14 febbraio 2024
Great graphics

Corey D.,17 febbraio 2023

Dont buy it!

Christian,27 ottobre 2021
If you are looking for a super hero biblique compilation. This enormous, generous, infamous book is for you if you are looking for real life stories, excessive reality, deep horror from your neighborhood and mystic Science Fiction. Theses comics should be teach at school, fantastic scenarios and immersive drawings. The story of EC Team is a real human adventure, and his well described in this amazingly pictorial book. Again don't buy it if you don't care about simple extraordinaries people.