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The Fairy Tales. Grimm & Andersen 2 in 1. 40th Ed.

Le fiabe più amate al mondo dei fratelli Grimm e di Hans Christian Andersen sono qui raccolte in una preziosa antologia. Illustrata in modo classico, ogni fiaba è corredata da saggi esplicativi, introduzioni e un'appendice con biografie dettagliate degli artisti. Una piacevole lettura e una gioia per i vostri occhi. Un classico per tutte le famiglie.
Copertina rigida6.1 x 8.5 in.3.21 lb512 pagine
The Fairy Tales. Grimm & Andersen 2 in 1. 40th Ed.

The Fairy Tales. Grimm & Andersen 2 in 1. 40th Ed.


Enchanted Worlds

Selected fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm and Andersen in a new edition

More than 200 years ago, two brothers from Kassel, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, published the first volume of their collection of German folktales. Over time the stories in their collection grew until finally they numbered 200 fairy tales and ten legends. What was initially an attempt to preserve German traditions for posterity is today the most widely read collection of stories after the Bible. From Snow White to Cinderella and Rapunzel to Rumpelstiltskin, the Brothers Grimm left behind a canon of fairy tales that have become classics of children’s literature, part of the UNESCO world heritage, and an indispensable piece of our history and culture.

Hans Christian Andersen’s own life seemed to be out of a fairy tale—Charles Dickens was among his friends and admirers, and European princes held him in high regard. Through determination, talent, many a fortunate coincidence, and an exuberant imagination, he came out of impoverished circumstances to write himself into world literature. A fairytale kingdom without Andersen would be very impoverished itself and would have to do without characters such as the Snow Queen, the Princess and the Pea, Thumbelina or the Little Match Girl, but also many previously inanimate items which Andersen brought to life: silver shillings and darning needles, and especially his Steadfast Tin Soldier.

The Grimms’ and Andersen’s tales have inspired generations of artists, and each fairy tale in this volume is colorfully interpreted by a famous illustrator: legends such as Kay Nielsen (a leading exponent of the Golden Age of Illustration that ended in the 1920s), the Arts and Crafts master Walter Crane, Arthur Rackham, and the Swiss commercial artist Herbert Leupin. Alongside are silhouettes from historical publications as well as new vignettes that were made especially for this edition, which dance across the pages in an intricate shadow play. Introductory essays, on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm as reflected in art and on Andersen as the heart and soul of the modern fairy tale, complement these flights of fancy, as do the short summaries on each fairy tale and artists’ biographies.

This double-sided book contains the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm on one side and Hans Christian Andersen’s tales on the other, each with its own cover. The following fairy tales are included:

The Brothers Grimm:
The Frog Prince, The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, The Brave Little Tailor, Cinderella, Mother Holle, Little Red Riding Hood, The Bremen Town Musicians, The Shoemaker and the Elves, Tom Thumb’s Travels, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Rumpelstiltskin, The Three Feathers, The Golden Goose, The Goose Girl, The Twelve Dancing Princesses, The Star Coins, The Hare and the Hedgehog, Puss ’n Boots

Hans Christian Andersen:
The Princess and the Pea, The Nightingale, The Swineherd, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Twelve by Mail Coach, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Snow Queen, Ole Shut-Eye, The Ugly Duckling, Little Ida’s Flowers, The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, The Flying Trunk, The Little Match Girl, The Tinderbox
Gli autori

Brothers Jacob (1785–1863) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786–1859) were German academics and linguists who spent years collecting popular fairy tales and folk tales such as Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel. Their resulting compilation of over 200 stories Kinder- und Hausmärchen (Children's and Household Tales) is one of the most famous collections of tales in the world, influencing generations of writers, composers, artists, academics, and filmmakers.  

Hans Christian Andersen è considerato oggi il più celebre scrittore scandinavo di tutti i tempi, amato da milioni di lettori per il suo brillante talento di affabulatore. Andersen nacque in povertà il 2 aprile 1805 a Odense, in Danimarca – e il 2 aprile è in seguito diventato il giorno in cui si celebra la Giornata Internazionale del Libro per Bambini e Ragazzi. È stato il primo scrittore a creare fiabe per amore dei bambini, dando vita al fenomeno moderno delle storie ambientate in mondi fantastici raccontate dal punto di vista dei più piccoli. Alla fine della sua vita, grazie ai suoi racconti, Andersen era diventato famoso in tutto il mondo e considerato un “tesoro nazionale” dal governo danese.


Noel Daniel si è laureata a Princeton e ha studiato a Berlino con una borsa del prestigioso programma Fulbright. Dopo il Master’s degree a Londra ha lavorato come direttrice di una galleria di fotografia d’arte prima di dedicarsi all’editoria in veste di editor. Per TASCHEN ha curato i seguenti titoli: Le fiabe di Hans Christian Andersen, Le fiabe dei fratelli Grimm, Magic e The Circus.

The Fairy Tales. Grimm & Andersen 2 in 1. 40th Ed.
Copertina rigida15.6 x 21.7 cm1.46 kg512 pagine
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10 Valutazioni

¿Y para cuándo Charles Perrault?

Christian M.,2 luglio 2023
Hola! Felicitaciones por este hermoso libro que recopila lo mejor de Andersen y los Hnos. Grimm, es realmente una maravilla Al mismo tiempo me pregunto ¿editarán un volumen con los cuentos de Charles Perrault? Saludos

An instant keepsake

Elizabeth,23 giugno 2022
The illustrations are gorgeous, the stories are classic, and the book is beautifully bound and presented. My nieces were thrilled to receive what has to be the most read book in their house now.

Format etwas unübersichtlich

Thomas,29 ottobre 2021
Habe mir persönlich von den Illustrationen aufgrund der sehr geschickten Werbeanzeige etwas mehr erhofft. Dennoch Kaufempfehlung für Vorlese-Eltern, die ihren Kindern mehr als nur Disney nahe bringen wollen.


Karla,29 ottobre 2021
Eine wunderbare Ausgabe mit hochwertigen Illustrationen, die man sogar wenden kann!


Lucille,29 ottobre 2021
Livre recto verso, super produit Un classique !

Wonderful book!

Bianca,28 ottobre 2021
This is an incredible fairytales book for children and adults that will enchant you on the spot with great illustrations! I loved the fact there is a great edition to exhibit Grimm Brothers and Andersen in the same volume, not to mention the details about the authors. Just a beautiful finding on TASCHEN!