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Monet. The Triumph of Impressionism

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Claude Monet’s Impressionist technique still inspires to this day. Whether it’s his stunning Water Lilies series, or genre-defining Impression, Sunrise, discover what made Monet the master of French 19th-century art in this exuberant exploration of his life and work.
Monet. Il trionfo dell'impressionismo

Monet. Il trionfo dell'impressionismo


Master of the Sublime

The essential Impressionist

No other artist, apart from J. M. W. Turner, tried as hard as Claude Monet (1840–1926) to capture light itself on canvas. Of all the Impressionists, it was the man Cézanne called “only an eye, but my God what an eye!” who stayed true to the principle of absolute fidelity to the visual sensation, painting directly from the object.

It could be said that Monet reinvented the possibilities of color. Whether it was through his early interest in Japanese prints, his time as a conscript in the dazzling light of Algeria, or his personal acquaintance with the major painters of the late 19th century, the work Monet produced throughout his long life would change forever the way we perceive both the natural world and its attendant phenomena. The high point of his explorations was the late series of water lilies, painted in his own garden at Giverny, which, in their approach toward almost total formlessness, are really the origin of abstract art.

This biography does full justice to this most remarkable and profoundly influential artist, and offers numerous reproductions and archive photos alongside a detailed and insightful commentary.

Daniel Wildenstein (1917–2001) era uno storico dell’arte e membro dell’Académie des Beaux-Arts (Parigi). Dal 1939 in poi è stato direttore delle gallerie Wildenstein di New York, Londra e Tokyo. Ha diretto svariati periodici internazionali, come ad esempio la rivista Arts dal 1956 al 1962 e la Gazette des Beaux-Arts dopo il 1963. Cofondatore della fondazione Wildenstein nel 1970 (rinominata Wildenstein Institute nel 1984), è stato il motore primo di molte mostre di fama internazionale. La sua autorità in materia di Impressionismo era riconosciuta in tutto il mondo. Daniel Wildenstein ha inoltre redatto cataloghi ragionati di svariati artisti del XVIII e XIX secolo, e ha pubblicato cataloghi delle opere di Gauguin, Manet e Monet.

Monet. The Triumph of Impressionism
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ISBN 978-3-8365-5101-4

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