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Copertina rigida8.3 x 10.2 in.1.37 lb96 pagine20Edizione: Inglese Disponibilità: Disponibile
Meet Gerhard Richter, the German artist who redefined painting. Between abstract works and photography-based paintings, Richter pushes the medium’s boundaries and reminds us of its urgency and importance in a world overwhelmed by digital images. This introduction to one of the greatest artists of our time explores his entire career.



Realism vs. Abstraction

A colorful exploration of the life and work of Gerhard Richter

An encounter with Gerhard Richter, the German artist who widened horizons in the relationship between painting and reality. From early photographic paintings, along with his famous RAF cycle, to late abstract paintings, experiencing Richter’s work always offers us the unexpected and unseen. Where he once set out to liberate the medium from ideological ballast, today, faced with the overwhelming presence of digital images, he shows us the unsurpassed impact and intensity of painting. A definitive introduction to one of the greatest artists of our time spanning not only his entire career, but also 50 years of cultural, economic, and political events.

Klaus Honnef è professore onorario di teoria della fotografia presso l’Accademia d’arte di Kassel. È stato uno degli organizzatori di documenta 5 e documenta 6 a Kassel, e ha curato oltre 500 mostre in Germania e all’estero. Ha scritto numerosi libri tra cui, editi da TASCHEN, Contemporary Art (1988), Andy Warhol (1989) e Pop Art (2004).

Copertina rigida21 x 26 cm0.62 kg96 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8365-7523-2

Edizione: Inglese