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Few Left
Sbrigatevi! Prevediamo che le ultime copie saranno esaurite a breve.
I libri XXL misurano almeno 39 cm.

Andy Warhol. Seven Illustrated Books 1952–1959

Portfolio with 7 smaller volumes inserted, 284 pages, 34.6 x 47.5 cm (13.6 x 18.7 in.), plus 56-page supplementary booklet200Edizione: Francese, Inglese, Tedesco Disponibilità: Disponibile
I libri illustrati a mano da Andy Warhol negli anni ’50 prima di raggiungere la fama sono gioielli ambitissimi nella corona del re della pop art. Questo volume XL, corredato di testi sulla vita e sulle creazioni uniche di Warhol, contiene fedeli riproduzioni dei 7 libri e offre uno sguardo senza pari sul genio in erba di Warhol.
Few Left
Sbrigatevi! Prevediamo che le ultime copie saranno esaurite a breve.
I libri XXL misurano almeno 39 cm.
Andy Warhol. Seven Illustrated Books 1952–1959

Andy Warhol. Seven Illustrated Books 1952–1959


Andy’s Magnificent Seven

A unique reissue of Warhol’s classic 1950s illustrated books

In 1950s New York, before he became one of the most famous names of the 20th century, Andy Warhol was already a skilled and successful commercial artist. During this time, as part of his strategy to woo clients and forge friendships, he created seven handmade artist’s books, reserved to his most valued contacts. These featured personal, unique drawings and quirky texts revealing his fondness for—among other subjects—cats, food, myths, shoes, beautiful boys, and gorgeous girls.

Decades later, with originals now changing hands for thousands of dollars at auction, TASCHEN presents an immaculate portfolio of these seven books, five of which have never before been republished, beautifully packaged together for the very first time and replicating Warhol’s originals as closely as possible down to the format, dimensions, and paper stock. With titles such as Love Is a Pink Cake, 25 Cats Named Sam, and À la Recherche du Shoe Perdu, the series reveals the artist’s off-the-wall character as well as his accomplished draftsmanship, boundless creativity, and innuendo-laced humor.

The seven books make delightful play with styles and genres as much as with design, materials, and formats. The lithograph portfolio A Is for Alphabet devotes a page to each letter of the alphabet, with illustrations complemented by stumbling three-line verses that tell of strange encounters between man and animal. In the Bottom of My Garden is at once a Warhol twist on a children’s book and a covert celebration of gay love. Wild Raspberries, meanwhile, is a spoof cookbook with a cornucopia of adventurous recipes on 19 portrait-format pages of instructions and illustrations.

This colorful portfolio is supplemented by an XL-sized, 56-page guidebook introducing each of Warhol’s illustrations. Complete with rarely seen photographs of the artist, inspirational ephemera, and commercial assignments, it contextualizes Warhol’s 1950s art, offering a glimpse into his early creative process as well as his endearing, playful character.

“The Foundation is delighted to collaborate with TASCHEN to introduce Warhol’s whimsical books from the 1950s. These rarely seen gems provide a unique perspective on one of the world’s most fascinating artists,” says Michael Dayton Hermann, Director of Licensing of the Andy Warhol Foundation.

Little-known, much-coveted jewels in the Warhol crown, these hand-drawn delights are as appealing and original today as they were back in the halcyon days of the 1950s and offer a unique glimpse at a budding genius on the cusp of global fame.

© The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.
The contributing author

Nina Schleif is a German art historian, Americanist, and curator. In 2013, she initiated and curated the first exhibition anywhere on Andy Warhol’s oeuvre in books at Museum Brandhorst in Munich. She also edited and coauthored the exhibition catalog Reading Andy Warhol. Backed by a recent Smithsonian fellowship, she has written a monograph on Warhol’s 1950s drawings that will be published in 2017.


Reuel Golden è un ex redattore del British Journal of Photography. Per TASCHEN ha curato Capitol Records, Mick Rock: The Rise of David Bowie, i due Portrait of a City dedicati a Londra e New York, Andy Warhol. Polaroids, The Rolling Stones, Her Majesty, Football in the 1970s e i volumi del National Geographic.

Andy Warhol. Seven Illustrated Books 1952–1959
Portfolio with 7 smaller volumes inserted, 284 pages, 34.6 x 47.5 cm (13.6 x 18.7 in.), plus 56-page supplementary booklet

ISBN 978-3-8365-6209-6

Edizione: Francese, Inglese, Tedesco
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8 Valutazioni

Schmankerl für Warhol Fans

Juergen,29 ottobre 2021
Diese Box mit den 7 ultrararen Büchern ist ein wahres Fest fürs Auge. Verpackung, Druck, Aufmachung sind so liebevoll und handwerklich perfekt gemacht, wie man es von TASCHEN erwarten kann und darf. Vielen Dank dafür!

Perfect gift for any Andy Warhol fan

Pascal,4 novembre 2021
This box set is truly an incredible collectors item that will delight any Andy Warhol fan. The outstanding quality of print and unique format is something special to put in display in your bookshelf or coffee table! TASCHEN does it once again!

Unusual and suprising coffee table book

KT,30 ottobre 2021
Interesting composition of seven books inserted in one big book. Each book has its individual design and material.

A treasure in my library

Valentina,28 ottobre 2021
These seven books are truly wonderful. It's hard to say which one is my favorite, for sure I never get tired of watching them!

huge Warhol experience

Valentino,27 ottobre 2021
A “huge Warhol experience”, a careful and amusing edition of the less wellknown works of the most iconic artist possible.

Une oeuvre d'art

Margot,27 ottobre 2021
Cet ensemble est un veritable bijou, la composition est aussi belle que les oeuvres misent en avant à l'intérieur.