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Christo in Cologne

2017: On Thursday 21st September, a day after opening its doors, TASCHEN Store Cologne welcomed its first guest of honor: the legendary Christo.

Hosted by Benedikt and Marlene Taschen, more than 800 fans queued around two blocks for a chance at a signed copy of Floating Piers and Wrapped Reichstag.

The luminary artist behind such projects as The Gates, Surrounded Islands and Valley Curtain was also interviewed the German morning daily ARD/ZDF Morgenmagazin. Christo shared anecdotes of his time starting out in Cologne in the 1960s, a city he has always held in his heart, as reflected in his project My Cologne Cathedral, Wrapped.

Photos: 01: Christo and Benedikt Taschen / 05: Photographer Benjamin Katz holds up a picture of the first ever TASCHEN store. / 06: Photographer Benjamin Katz shows a photo of Helmut Newton and Benedikt Taschen.