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Store Cologne

TASCHEN Store Colonia
Neumarkt 3
50667 Colonia
Lunes–sábado 11h–19h

26 de enero
: 11h–21h
27–29 de enero: 11h–20h
Maximilian Weidmüller
Teléfono +49-221-271 27 577
Back to the roots: Just a stone’s throw away from the legendary comic shop that 18-year-old Benedikt Taschen opened in 1980, TASCHEN’s large, bright, and modern store relocated to Cologne’s central Neumarkt in 2017. The store brings TASCHEN’s international success story full circle: the Mediterranean-inspired interior was designed by Italian duo Stampanoni and Licitra, featuring geometric tile flooring by Gio Ponti, bookshelves by Danish architect and designer Mogens Koch, a sales counter by Italian artist Barnaba Fornasetti, ceiling lamps by French designer Max Ingrand, and an elegant table designed by Swedish Bruno Mathsson. Step into a microcosm of the TASCHEN universe in the city where it all began.
Sebastião Salgado. GÉNESIS

Sebastião Salgado.

US$ 40 (US$ 80)
Bauhaus. Edición actualizada

Edición actualizada

US$ 30 (US$ 70)
Los Archivos de Star Wars. 1977-1983. 40th Ed.

Los Archivos de Star Wars.
40th Ed.

US$ 15 (US$ 25)