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El auténtico Fidel - Un retrato revelador de Cuba y su enigmático líder

El auténtico Fidel

Un retrato revelador de Cuba y su enigmático líder

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Lee Lockwood. La Cuba de Fidel. La mirada de un reportero estadounidense en la isla. 1959–1969

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  • “Un trabajo honesto, testimonio del acceso único que consiguió Lockwood”.

    — Vanity Fair
  • “Seen out of context, the photographs run the risk of romanticizing the communist leader, in the vein of Che Guevara posters in American college dorm rooms. But alongside Lockwood’s writings and photographs… this hefty reprint offers a new generation a fuller look at the history of the “forbidden island” before its doors began to reopen.”

    — Hyperallergic.com
  • “Un documento excepcional no sólo por el momento histórico que vivió de primera mano, sino también por el seguimiento que Lockwood pudo dar a la historia.“

    — La Vanguardia, Tenerife
  • “…a superb photographic portrait of Fidel Castro in his youthful pomp.”

    — Tatler, London
  • “Lockwood detailed the fascinating transition of the country as Castro’s forces swept away the old order of corruption dancing to the tune of the mighty American dollar. The images show a Cuba frozen in time: crowds celebrating on the streets of Havana; Castro relaxing on a veranda with friends. Lockwood’s photos reflect this sense of hope and triumph before decades of US sanctions took their toll… the value of images such as these will be to serve as testimony to the fact that, for a few decades, and regardless of how successful it was, a nation dared to dream of a better world.”

    — BBC Arts, London