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En la ola perfecta - Lo mejor de LeRoy Grannis

En la ola perfecta

Lo mejor de LeRoy Grannis

Main SR only Anker

LeRoy Grannis. Surf Photography

Edición de 1.000 ejemplares
US$ 1.500
Esta edición está agotada. Sin embargo, a veces vuelve a haber ejemplares disponibles. Si desea ser incluido en la lista de espera, regístrese aquí.
  • “‘Here’s the monster,’ LeRoy Grannis says, picking up one corner of the gorgeous and extravagant new collection of his classic surf photos, just released by TASCHEN, and titled LeRoy Grannis, Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s. A limited edition of 1,000, it comes in a special protective box, so heavy that Grannis, now 88 years old, can barely lift it. And that’s fitting, because contained within its oversized pages is not only the work of Grannis’ own lifetime, but also the embodiment of a profoundly influential American subculture.”

    — C Magazine, Los Angeles