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Before Easter After - Patti Smith y Lynn Goldsmith

Before Easter After

Patti Smith y Lynn Goldsmith

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Lynn Goldsmith. Patti Smith. Before Easter After

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Edición: inglés
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  • “The two artists have known one another for decades, and it shows. The colors are rich; Smith looks at peace. You could live inside photos like that.”

    — Vogue.com
  • “Un buen resumen de lo que se entiende por tener estilo.”

    — TELVA
  • “Un libro que celebra tanto una amistad como aquel período musical irrepetible.”

    — Tinta Libre
  • “Concebido como un objeto sagrado para los fans.”

    — Gentleman
  • “From empathetic portraits to striking studio shoots, this visual narrative immortalizes an integral revolution in American rock music.”

    — British GQ
  • “An iconic glimpse into music history.”

    — ELLE
  • “Of course, the book offers an important record of music history, but more strikingly, it is a testament to the truly creative partnership between the two women.”

    — Artnet
  • “Era un dechado de cool; siempre con un toque de filosofía en su sensualidad.”

    — Lynn Goldsmith
  • Before Easter After captures a place and time that can never be duplicated, a time-capsule of young, struggling artists down what turned out to be revolutionary work.”

    — nme.com
  • “Full of original poetry and lyrics by Smith, Before Easter After captures the magic of the musician during these fabled years, and is also a testament to the enduring friendship shared by its two authors.”

    — AnOther