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Una ventana al mundo - Un libro de artista firmado y numerado  por David Hockney

Una ventana al mundo

Un libro de artista firmado y numerado
por David Hockney

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David Hockney. My Window

Edición de 1.000 ejemplares
US$ 2.000
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Edición: inglés
Disponibilidad: En stock
  • “What would it be like to look through David Hockney’s eyes? My Window will take you through the hours and the days and the seasons as they have been captured, moment by luminous moment, in a succession of digital drawings by our most famous living artist.”

    — The Times, London
  • “In this beautiful art edition, each image captures a fleeting moment, from the colourful sunrise and lilac morning sky to night-time impressions and the arrival of spring. Fascinating details reveal drops on window panes, distant lights in the night, reflections on glasses, bottles, and vases an abundance of subtly varied vegetation.”

    — Force One, Monaco
  • “...a timely reminder of the pleasure to be found in introspection and detail.”

    — The Financial Times, London
  • “The colours, as always, are exhilarating. It is perhaps an exercise in how restricting an artist’s subject matter and materials can open new facets of perception and imagination. It’s also a joy to look at.”

    — The Times, London
  • “La ventana indiscreta de Hockney. Nuevo tomo de TASCHEN con sus imágenes de iPad e iPhone.”

    — Vogue, Madrid
  • “El libro capta el paso del tiempo a través de la ventana de Hockney.”

    — AD, Mexico