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Vinos divinos - La guía epicúrea de Salvador Dalí

Vinos divinos

La guía epicúrea de Salvador Dalí

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Dalí. Los vinos de Gala

US$ 60
Edición: inglés
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  • “The best primer an aspiring wine buff could ever need.”

    — The Times
  • “…a must-have guide to all things vino, in true eccentric Dali-style.”

    — Vogue.co.uk
  • “Rich in content, colour and imagery, the book is a salute to the wild imagination of Dalí and honours his ability to seek out pleasure and beauty in everything.”

    — itsnicethat.com
  • “…bound in a weighty, golden cover The Wines of Gala would entice even the most hesitant of alcohol drinkers.”

    — AnOther
  • “Although the frazzled mom with a giant glass of red is a sad old meme, you probably know a mother with a passion for both art and wine who would love this book.”

    — The Wall Street Journal
  • “La Biblia moderna sobre el vino que no sabíamos que necesitábamos”.

    — punchdrink.com