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Als der King noch Prinz war - Elvis an der Schwelle zum Ruhm

Als der King noch Prinz war

Elvis an der Schwelle zum Ruhm

Main SR only Anker

Alfred Wertheimer. Elvis and the Birth of Rock and Roll

Edition von 1.706 Exemplaren
US$ 1.000
Mehrsprachige Ausgabe:
Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch
Verfügbarkeit: Auf Lager
  • “The 2,500 photos Wertheimer captured rank among the most intimate and revealing portraits of the young star."

    — The Hollywood Reporter, Los Angeles
  • “...an extraordinary archive of a time, a place and the single person who defined it. Their fly-on-the-wall intimacy is testament, too, to the convergence of two relatively shy individuals.”

    — The Observer, London
  • “Wertheimer took more than 3,000 candid shots of the Hillbilly Cat, some among the most iconic.”

    — The Wall Street Journal, New York
  • “That hair! Those hips! Elvis Presley in the prime of his life and the beginning of his career, as captured in this fascinating fly-on-the-wall account by photographer Alfred Wertheimer, which leaves us feeling like hysterical girls circa 1956."

    — 10 Magazine, London