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Vom Himmel gefallen - David Bowie wird Ziggy Stardust

Vom Himmel

David Bowie wird Ziggy Stardust

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Mick Rock. The Rise of David Bowie, 1972-1973

Edition von 1.772 Exemplaren
US$ 4.000
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  • “…a masterpiece of artistic design… Ziggy Stardust was a quintessential rock 'n' roll moment, and these photographs tell the story of an artist in full flight and in the process of conquering the world. Mick Rock was the right person at the right time to witness all of that.”

    — All About Jazz, Skopje
  • “…the intimate photographs provide an unprecedented look into the period that arguably formed the icon’s persona.”

    — Hypebeast.com
  • „Dieses Foto ist wirklich ein Sinnbild für Großbritannien während der frühen Glam-Rock-Ära: Selbst Ziggy Stardust muss mal in der britischen Eisenbahn essen!“

    — Barney Hoskyns
  • “David absorbed things so fast. He made the concoction so rich and thick.”

    — Mick Rock
  • “The bond between photographer and subject is clear to see. It’s rare that we get a glimpse behind the scenes, particularly with an artist so in control of his image. But here we find a thorough portrait of an individual in all his guises. This is a truly indispensable book, not just for Bowie fans but also for people interested in rock history.”

    — Amateur Photographer, London
  • “…a gorgeous limited edition collection…”

    — Billboard.com, Los Angeles
  • “For Bowie fans, it’s a must.”

    — harpersbazaar.co.uk
  • “Rock’s pictures don’t simply depict a singer seizing the moment, but document an artist creating it.”

    — Royal Photographic Society Journal, London
  • “Hats off to Mick for dutifully capturing and archiving all of this weird, kaleidoscopic glory… This inspirational, electrifying show and publication is the documentation of a legend by a fellow legend, and is definitely not to be missed.”

    — AnOther, London
  • “…a huge, heavy and glamorous compendium, in which Bowie’s painted face holds the reader’s gaze from every page and from every pose imaginable.”

    — 1stDibs Introspective magazine, New York