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Die Wunder um uns - Ernst Haeckel – Natur als schöne Kunst

Die Wunder um uns

Ernst Haeckel – Natur als schöne Kunst

Main SR only Anker

Kunst und Wissenschaft Ernst Haeckels

US$ 200
Mehrsprachige Ausgabe:
Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch
Verfügbarkeit: Oktober 2020
  • “…a glorious, oversize volume collecting Haeckel’s artistic work.”

    — The Wall Street Journal, New York
  • “This is a bible for those who love pattern.”

    — The Times, London
  • “…as energetic and colorful as Haeckel’s life. It’s scientific eye candy that feels as fresh as Haeckel’s groundbreaking biological art must have seemed more than a century ago.”

    — The Washington Post
  • “Through Haeckel’s steady hand everyone can grasp the beauty, the elegance - and sometimes the sadness - in all walks of life.”

    — smithsonianmag.com
  • “…a glorious book… his influence on art and the natural sciences remains profound, and his stunning artworks continue to stand the test of time.”

    — American Scientist, North Carolina
  • “The book’s prints and commentary shed new light on the prolific output of Ernst Haeckel and his impact on modern science and philosophy.”

    — vice.com