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André Butzer. Art Edition No. 1–100 ‘Pendant Light’

Pendant light individually painted and signed by André Butzer, diameter 34 cm (13.4 in.); hardcover volume in clamshell box, 11 x 13.3 in., 3,12 kg (6.87 lb), 420 pages
US$ 15.000
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Made in close collaboration with the artist, this unprecedented huge-format survey presents the future and origins of his painting according to André Butzer. From his early works of “Science Fiction Expressionism” to his exploration of abstraction’s far limits, Butzer emerges as an ever-inventive colorist who finds a new beginning in each work. This Art Edition comes with a pendant light painted by the artist as a “celestial body in cheerful heights.”

Art Edition of 100 copies (No. 1–100), each with a pendant light individually painted and signed by the artist.

Home is where the colors live

The painting of André Butzer
The paintings of André Butzer involve opposite approaches: some of the canvases show a private world of cartoon-like faces and figures, while others show strictly abstract lines or colorfields executed in a free and easy manner. Butzer entered the limelight around the millennium with bright canvases peopled by figures from a playful sort of mythology inspired by heroes from high culture and entertainment, from the poet Hölderlin to Walt Disney. He found his own place in painting in a universe centered around the unreachable place of Nasaheim far in outer space and the inaccessible N-House, home to all the colors. Then, after five years, his fluency in colors led to abstract paintings of freewheeling lines interlocking into compositions. His next radical step was to explore a more somber black or gray and white palette that took the color out of colorfield painting until in recent years he returned to the family of figuration with new a new attitude refined by his abstract experiences.

This is the first book to span the full range of Butzer’s oeuvre. His own selection of paintings delivers the story of his artistic curiosity, interspersed with typically offbeat quotes from the artist that illuminate his idiosyncratic stance. The introduction, written by editor Hans Werner Holzwarth, investigates the different work phases, contemplating invented figurations and perceived abstractions as objects in themselves rather than as pictures of objects or ideas. And most of all, the books pristine, large-format illustrations fully evidence the painterly finesse that place this artist among the finest protagonists of contemporary painting.

In this exclusive Art Edition of one of a hundred individually painted pendant lights (No. 1–100), Butzer projects both his themes of the abstract line and the friendly face onto a light orb, painting the lamp on one half globe as a glowing canvas (or like the moon’s near side, which is what we see from Earth). The abstract spots and lines form a playful composition of intense hues, while the faces light up the room, reminding us of Renaissance depictions of the planets with human countenances: celestial bodies in cheerful heights (Hölderlin). This lamp comes in an exclusive art edition of 100, each lamp a unique object, individually painted and signed by the artist.

Also available in a second Art Edition (No. 1–25), each with a unique cover overpainted and signed by the artist.
Der Künstler

André Butzer wurde 1973 in Stuttgart geboren. Seit mehr als 25 Jahren malt er sich durch die Extreme des 20. Jahrhunderts, ging durch Kunst, Politik und Popkultur. Gemälde sind für ihn „Lokalisierungen von höchster Not und Hoffnung“, und gerade deshalb „dem Glück und der Hilfe, die wir benötigen, am nächsten“. Nach mehreren Jahren in Kalifornien lebt er heute im Südwesten Berlins und ist einer der international anerkanntesten Maler seiner Generation.

André Butzer. Art Edition No. 1–100 ‘Pendant Light’
Pendant light individually painted and signed by André Butzer, diameter 34 cm (13.4 in.); hardcover volume in clamshell box, 11 x 13.3 in., 3,12 kg (6.87 lb), 420 pages

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