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If you have an On NFTs Art Edition claim code


How to claim your Art Edition NFT

Step 1 - Claim Code for Your Book

Purchase an On NFTs Art Edition Book
Scratch off the overlay from within the first page
Use the code revealed to claim your NFT

Step 2 - Payment and Wallet Check

Use an existing Digital Wallet or Credit Card to complete the transfer.

I already have a Digital Wallet
You will need up to .05 Eth (Gas Fees) in the wallet to complete the transfer
Proceed to Step 3

I do not have a Digital Wallet
You will need a credit card and a wallet will be created for you.
Proceed to Step 3

Step 3 - Begin the Claim Process

Go to the ARTIST EDITIONS CLAIM PAGE and enter your unique code. The corresponding NFT for that code will appear. Follow the instructions to mint your NFT.

Additional questions please see our FAQ at the bottom of this page or contact:

NFTs, short for Non-Fungible Tokens, are unique digital assets that are cryptographically secured on a blockchain, enabling their exchange and transfer. NFTs are often associated with digital content like images, videos, or audio files.

Minting is the process of creating a new NFT. When you redeem your On NFTs Art Edition NFT, you will go through the minting process to generate your unique digital collectible, registering it on the Ethereum blockchain.

To redeem your Art Edition NFT, simply refer to the three step claim process above.

You can obtain your claim code from the scratch off within the first page of your On NFTs Art Edition book.

Each Art Edition NFT is tied to a individual limited edition book.

Each On NFTs Art Edition comes with one NFT.

You can use an existing Ethereum wallet or opt to use via credit card with Crossmint, which will create a digital wallet for you.

Crypto wallets securely store your private keys, which are like passwords granting you access to your NFTs and cryptocurrency. They ensure the safe and convenient sending and receiving of NFTs and digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

To mint your On NFTs Art Edition NFT you will only need to pay a small transaction fee for the claim. For those using an Ethereum digital wallet, you will need up to 0.05 Eth to cover the transaction fee. If you are minting the NFT using your credit card, there will be a small fee of a few dollars.

No, the NFT Smart Contract system will only allow each redemption code to be used once.

If the security seal on an On NFT book is removed, it means that most likely any NFT associated with the redemption code have been claimed. You can still check by entering the claim code on our claim page.

Redemption codes are used on a first-come first-serve basis. Whoever enters the claim code on will have access to that NFT. Please do not share the claim code unless you are happy to gift the NFT to somebody else. TASCHEN will not take responsibility for misappropriated claim codes if the security seal has been scratched.

As the claim process is secured within the physical copy of the book, you will be able to claim your NFT on delivery of your physical copy. If the claim code is not scratched off, the NFT can stay inside the book.

Hosting and functionality for the claim system will be directly supported on for a minimum of 2 years post launch.

The architecture of the claim process is such that it can be done directly on the blockchain itself, without the need for a third party such as TASCHEN, for as long as Ethereum exists. Should you wish to claim your Art Edition NFT directly via the blockchain, detailed instructions will be made available via email, social media, and on in due course.

For general enquiries, email