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I possenti giganti del nostro programma svettano tra i 50 e i 70 cm.

David Hockney. A Bigger Book

5500Edizione: IngleseDisponibilità: Disponibile

Questa pubblicazione SUMO, A Bigger Book, è una maestosa rassegna visiva dell'arte di David Hockney. In essa Hockney fa un bilancio di oltre 60 anni di lavoro, dall'adolescenza alla scuola d'arte fino alla recente serie di ritratti, disegni su iPad e paesaggi dello Yorkshire. Mai prima d'ora l'opera di Hockney è stata pubblicata con una tale ampiezza, con un tale investimento da parte dell'artista e su una scala così sorprendente e coinvolgente.

Edizione da collezione (n. 1.001-10.000), ognuna firmata da David Hockney e con un leggio firmato Marc Newson

Edition of 9,000Hardcover, 50 x 70 cm, 498 pages, 13 fold-outs, with an adjustable bookstand designed by Marc Newson, plus an illustrated 680-page chronology book

“Questo non è un normale libro d’arte.”

The Guardian

“David Hockney ha scritto – anzi, dipinto – un capitolo fondamentale della storia dell’arte.”

Deutsche Welle
I possenti giganti del nostro programma svettano tra i 50 e i 70 cm.
David Hockney. A Bigger Book

David Hockney. A Bigger Book


The David Hockney SUMO

A Bigger Book, TASCHEN’s SUMO-sized David Hockney monograph, is as spectacular in format as it is in scope. In it, the artist takes stock of more than 60 years of work, from his teenage days at the Bradford School of Art, through his breakthrough in 1960s Swinging London, life by Los Angeles pools in the 1970s, up to his recent extensive series of portraits, iPad drawings, and Yorkshire landscapes.

Never before has Hockney’s oeuvre been published on such an astonishing and immersive scale. As each page unfurls in a blaze of blues, pinks, greens, and oranges, we are spellbound both by the artist’s vibrancy as a colorist and his extraordinary sense of the conditions of the world that surrounds us. Through Hockney’s restless interrogation of perception and representation, we witness the mellow sheen of light on a muddy Yorkshire puddle, the ochre enormities of A Bigger Grand Canyon, the rustic majesty of Bigger Trees near Warter, and, of course, A Bigger Splash, with the exquisite sparkle of a turquoise pool beneath an iridescent California sky. These major paintings are joined by the artist’s drawings, photo-composites, multi-perspective collages, stage designs, multi-camera video works, and iPad drawings, each a panoply of looking and showing in different styles and media.

Hockney himself is present in every aspect of the publication. He collaborated closely through all production stages and conceived of this book as a purely visual survey of more than 450 works prefaced by a handwritten programmatic statement. As an artist who rarely looks back, the vast volume is as much his own personal review as it is a definitive record for art lovers all over the world. “I don’t tend to live in the past,” he comments, “Working on this book, I see quite how much I have done.”

The book’s sumptuous portfolio is supplemented by an illustrated chronology of more than 600 pages, contextualizing Hockney’s art with drawings, graphic work, portrait photos, and text based on the artist’s own writings as well as contemporary reviews. A Bigger Book is presented on a Marc Newson bookstand.

Collector's Edition of 9,000 copies (No. 1,001–10,000), each signed by David Hockney and with a Marc Newson bookstand.

David Hockney (born July 9, 1937) is an English painter, draftsman, printmaker, stage designer, and photographer. He first emerged in the early 1960s during the height of British pop, then moved to Los Angeles in 1964, where he famously painted a series of swimming pool pictures. Alongside the classic genres of portraiture and landscape, he always kept evolving his art, using technologies such as Polaroids, photocopiers and fax machines, digital video, or the iPhone and iPad as tools for his painting. Since his first big survey exhibition, which in 1970 traveled Europe from the Whitechapel Gallery in London, he has been one of the most widely shown and popular artists of our time.

Il designer del leggio

Born in Sydney, Australia, Marc Newson studied jewelry and sculpture at Sydney College of the Arts before moving to Tokyo and Paris. Now living and working in the UK, Newson has become one of the world’s most accomplished designers. He has forged innovative partnerships with brands such as Louis Vuitton, Ferrari and Apple. He is the only designer represented by Gagosian, and his work is present in the collection of over 40 museums worldwide.


Hans Werner Holzwarth è grafico e curatore editoriale specializzato in arte contemporanea e fotografia. Le sue pubblicazioni per TASCHEN comprendono Jeff Koons, Christopher Wool, Albert Oehlen, Ai Weiwei e il SUMO di David Hockney A Bigger Book, nonché monografie quali Jean-Michel Basquiat.

David Hockney. A Bigger Book
Edition of 9,000Hardcover, 50 x 70 cm, 498 pages, 13 fold-outs, with an adjustable bookstand designed by Marc Newson, plus an illustrated 680-page chronology book

ISBN 978-3-8365-0787-5

Edizione: Inglese
Bookstand Measurements
  • Distance between each leg: 86 cm (34 in.)
  • Platform: 78 x 62.5 cm (31 x 27 in.)
  • Height when positioned horizontally: 90 cm (35 in.)
  • Height when in display position: back 98 cm (39 in.), front 83 cm (33 in.)

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3 Valutazioni

Six years later I still love it

paul p.,29 agosto 2023
I saw it at Tate Britain, after coming out of the retrospective show there in 2017. The most bizarre feeling. I had to have it. It's like living with a constant changing piece of art, in my case on the landing under a window. Never bored of it. Never regretted buying it for a second. Love.

Un livre exceptionnel!

Brigitte S.,29 ottobre 2021
Un livre magnifique, très complet , qui nous aide à mieux connaître David Hockney et nous offre un panorama exceptionnel de son œuvre ; de plus, on sent combien l’artiste s’est Investit dans cette édition, et cela rend l’ouvrage encore plus attachant.

A piece of art

Antoine B.,27 ottobre 2021
This is simply a piece of art which overwhelms your life on a daily basis, and you can flip through the pages to find always a new treasory that suits your mind.