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The Big Book of Breasts

Copertina rigida11.8 x 11.8 in.7.35 lb396 pagine60Edizione: Francese, Inglese, Tedesco Disponibilità: Disponibile
Nelle 396 pagine di questo libro Dian Hanson esplora le origini della follia mammaria attraverso tre decenni di nudi naturali a seno grande. Contiene nove interviste originali, tra cui la prima con Tempest Storm e Uschi Digard dopo oltre dieci anni e l'ultima con Candy Barr prima della sua prematura scomparsa nel 2005. In un mondo in cui il silicone è ormai la norma, queste spettacolari donne reali sono la prova che ciò che è naturale è sempre migliore.
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The Big Book of Breasts

The Big Book of Breasts


The best of the biggest

It’ll knock both your eyes out!

Some call it the American obsession, but men everywhere recognize the hypnotic allure of a large and shapely breast. In The Big Book of Breasts, Dian Hanson explores the origins of mammary madness through three decades of natural big-breasted nudes. Starting with the World War II Bosom-Mania that spawned Russ Meyer, Howard Hughes’s The Outlaw and Frederick’s of Hollywood, Dian guides you over, around, and in between the dangerous curves of infamous models including Michelle Angelo, Candy Barr, Virginia Bell, Joan Brinkman, Lorraine Burnett, Lisa De Leeuw, Uschi Digard, Candye Kane, Jennie Lee, Sylvia McFarland, Margaret Middleton, Paula Page, June Palmer, Roberta Pedon, Rosina Revelle, Candy Samples, Tempest Storm, Linda West, June Wilkinson, Julie Wills, and dozens more, including Guinness World Record holder Norma Stitz, possessor of the World`s Largest Natural Breasts.

The 396 pages of this book contain the most beautiful and provocative photos ever created of these iconic women, plus nine original interviews, including the first with Tempest Storm and Uschi Digard in over a decade, and the last with Candy Barr before her untimely death in 2005. In a world where silicone is now the norm, these spectacular real women stand as testament that nature knows best.

Dian Hanson produced a variety of men’s magazines from 1976 to 2001, including Juggs, Outlaw Biker, and Leg Show, before becoming TASCHEN’s Sexy Book Editor. Her titles include the “body part” series, The Art of Pin-up, Masterpieces of Fantasy Art, and Ren Hang.

The Big Book of Breasts
Copertina rigida30 x 30 cm3.33 kg396 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8228-3303-2

Edizione: Francese, Inglese, Tedesco
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1 Valutazione

Will find in my pantheon of books the place it deserves

Anonymous,8 ottobre 2021
I wish to thank you most warmly for the Big Book of Breasts which will find in my pantheon of books the place it deserves like many of the books published by Taschen.