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I libri XL hanno un'altezza minima di 34 cm, ad eccezione dei titoli in formato orizzontale.

Quand la nuit tombe sur le Berlin des Années folles


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Edizione: FranceseDisponibilità: Attualmente non disponibile
Vaga tra le luci brillanti, i segreti del backstage e il fragile consenso politico della Berlino degli anni Venti. Questo libro straordinariamente evocativo riunisce le illustrazioni di Robert Nippoldt, i testi descrittivi di Boris Pofalla e un CD di 26 rare registrazioni originali in un ritratto vivido delle persone, dei luoghi e delle idee di una metropoli effervescente in un decennio di trasformazioni.
Hardcover with CD9.3 x 14.6 in.3.51 lb224 pagine
I libri XL hanno un'altezza minima di 34 cm, ad eccezione dei titoli in formato orizzontale.
Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties

Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties


Symphony of a Great City

The rip-roaring metropolis of the 1920s

It was the age of drag balls, Metropolis, and Josephine Baker. Of scientific breakthroughs, literary verve, and the political chaos of the Weimar Republic. After the best-selling Hollywood in the 30s and Jazz: New York in the Roaring Twenties, illustrator Robert Nippoldt teams up with author Boris Pofalla to evoke the fast-moving, freewheeling metropolis that was Berlin in the 1920s.

Like a cinematographic city tour through time, Berlin of the Roaring Twenties takes in the urban scale and the intricate details of this transformative decade, from sweeping street panoramas, bejeweled with new electric lights, to the foxtrot and tango steps tapped out on dance floors all over town. With characteristic graphic mastery of light, shadow, and expression, as well as a silver-printing sheen, Nippoldt intersperses portraits with cityscapes, revealing the changing scenery and dynamic hubs of this burgeoning and rapidly industrializing capital, as well as the extraordinary protagonists that made up its hotbed scene of art, science, and ideas.

With an avid eye on the eccentrics and outlaws who set the tone in this heady age as much as the established “greats,” Nippoldt includes rich profiles not only of the likes of Lotte Reiniger, Christopher Isherwood, Albert Einstein, Kurt Weill, Marlene Dietrich, and George Grosz, but also of “the woman with ten brains” Thea Alba, “Einstein of Sex” Magnus Hirschfeld, and the city’s notorious criminal Adolf Leib. The book also showcases some of the most prominent cultural and political phenomena of the time, whether the most iconic film characters or the frenzied chaos of the Weimar government cabinet.

But beyond the people and the places, above all the book captures the incomparable and ineffable spirit of time and place, of an epoch suspended between two world wars and a country caught between joie-de-vivre daring and the darkness of encroaching National Socialism. Before the night falls, Nippoldt shows it all to us: the bright lights and the backstage whispers, the looming factories and the theoretical physics, the roar of the sports hall and the hush of the theater, the songs of the Comedian Harmonists, the satire of George Grosz, and the iconic Marlene Dietrich as she lights up a cigarette in top hat, tuxedo, and come-to-bed eyes.

  • German Design Award, 2019, Frankfurt
  • Best Book Award, 2018, Los Angeles
  • Berliner Type Award, 2018, Berlin
  • Red Dot Design Award, 2018, Essen
  • ADC Award, 2018, Berlin
  • Joseph Binder Award, 2018, Vienna
  • ADC Award, 2019, New York
  • German Design Award, 2019, Frankfurt
  • Indigo Design Award, 2019, Amsterdam
  • iF Design Award, 2019, Hannover
  • A' Design Award, 2019 Como/Italy
  • Econ Megaphone Award, Shortlist, 2019, Berlin
  • International Design Award, 2018, Los Angeles
  • Berlin Type Award, 2018, Berlin
  • Red Dot Design Award, 2018, Essen
  • Best Book Award, 2018, Los Angeles
  • ADC Award, 2018, Berlin
  • Joseph Binder Award, 2018, Vienna
  • International Creative Media Award, 2018, Meerbusch
  • Stiftung Buchkunst, Shortlist, 2018, Frankfurt
Gli autori

Boris Pofalla studied art history and literature at the FU Berlin. He is author and art critic for Die Welt. His debut novel Low was published in 2015. He lives in Berlin.

Robert Nippoldt is a German illustrator and book artist known for various publications and stage programs about the 1920s, as well as drawings for The New Yorker and Time magazine. He has received over two dozen awards worldwide, including from the Art Directors Club in New York and the International Design Award in Los Angeles. 

Quand la nuit tombe sur le Berlin des Années folles
Hardcover with CD23.5 x 37 cm1.59 kg224 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8365-6321-5

Edizione: Francese
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8 Valutazioni


Enrique,22 dicembre 2021
Es como entrar en una máquina del tiempo y volver al Berlín de los años 20. Un libro fundamental


Roxana,4 novembre 2021
The stars and the world of the Berlin of the 1920s, the beauty and the hunger, the brilliant lights at night and the visible poverty during the day. Politicians, artists, people caught up in a whirlwind of art, politics and change. With a splendid design as well as a music CD with some of the best musicians of the time, "Night Falls on the Berlin of the Roaring Twenties" is an almost immersive experience.

Das Berlin der 20er zum Hören und Sehen

Benjamin,29 ottobre 2021
Robert Nippoldt's und Boris Pofalla's Buch über die 1920er in Berlin ist auf vielen Ebenen ein wunderbares Werk. Das hochwertig gefertigte Buch ist voll von interessanten Geschichten über diese Zeit und fängt zusammen mit den sehr anschaulichen Illustrationen den damaligen Zeitgeist sehr gut ein. Abgerundet wird dieses Werk durch eine CD mit 26 tollen Aufnahmen aus dieser Ära.


Alice,27 ottobre 2021
A book that I’ve been looking for since years. Berlin in the 20s: right place at the right time. Terrific graphic and texts extremely readable! Recommended!

So dramatic

Emanuele,27 ottobre 2021
But so perfect

A true piece of art

Gerhard P.,27 ottobre 2021
Next to be very informative about the interesting Interwar period in Berlin, this book is beautifully designed and printed where both form and content support each other. An iconic book which will be liked by both lovers of history as in design.