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The Definitive Jacques Tati

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Il regista/performer francese premio Oscar Jacques Tati, una delle figure più importanti della storia del cinema, è il protagonista di questo tanto atteso tributo a un singolare genio artistico. Realizzata con il supporto dei detentori dei diritti di Tati, Les Films de Mon Oncle, che hanno consentito un accesso senza precedenti ai suoi archivi, questa splendida pubblicazione in cinque volumi, progettata da M/M (Parigi), raccoglie saggi, interviste e sceneggiature originali, oltre a centinaia di fotografie, fotogrammi, lettere, schizzi, appunti e materiali di produzione.
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Box with five volumes11.5 x 9.6 in.17.37 lb1136 pagine
The Definitive Jacques Tati

The Definitive Jacques Tati


Bonjour, Monsieur Hulot!

The ultimate tribute to humanist humorist Jacques Tati

Oscar-winning French director/performer Jacques Tati (1907–1982) was a fiercely innovative and original filmmaker who found inspiration in the observation of life around him. By creating and playing unassuming characters thrown into the bustle of society—the hapless postman François and the maladroit Monsieur Hulot—Tati brilliantly exposed the ways in which class distinctions, social mores, architecture, and technology affect the basic ways that humans relate to one another.

Unlike Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, to whom he has frequently been compared, Tati took the everyday and recreated it, layered organically with visual and audio gags, for the audience to actively observe. His early work as a mime taught him how to generate laughter without words; in his films he used gestures, facial expressions, costumes, props, sets, sounds, music—everything but dialogue—to do the talking.

Tati’s films are truly universal and accessible to anyone, anywhere, who can appreciate the comedy of modern life. Tati once said “I want the film to begin when you leave the theater.” His greatest achievement was to show us that together, as the whole of humanity, we are characters starring in the greatest spectacle of all: life itself.

In 2000, Macha Makeïeff and Jérôme Deschamps founded Les Films de Mon Oncle with the late Sophie Tatisheff, daughter of Tati, to preserve and promote Tati's archives and legacy. This definitive exploration of Tati's life and work, made possible by the complete and unprecedented access to the archives that they provided TASCHEN, features hundreds of photographs and film stills, the complete screenplays, interviews, original essays, and a vast selection of documents, letters, sketches, and notes spanning five volumes.

Designed by M/M (Paris), the set includes:
  • Volume I, ‘Tati Films’: stills from all six feature films
  • Volume II, ‘Tati Writes’: the complete screenplays, plus those of the unmade films The Illusionist and Confusion, illustrated by pages from Tati’s original drafts
  • Volume III, ‘Tati Works’: a comprehensive survey of his life and work
  • Volume IV, ‘Tati Explores’: essays on important themes in his films
  • Volume V, ‘Tati Speaks’: quotations, interviews, and a previously unpublished memoir by Tati

Alison Castle ha studiato filosofia alla Columbia University e cinema e fotografia alla New York University (NYU/International Center of Photography masters program). Ha curato diverse pubblicazioni di fotografia, cinema e design, tra cui Some Like it Hot, The Stanley Kubrick Archives, Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs, e Marc Newson: Works.

The Definitive Jacques Tati
Box with five volumes29.2 x 24.5 cm7.88 kg1136 pagine

ISBN 978-3-8365-7228-6

Edizione: Francese

ISBN 978-3-8365-7711-3

Edizione: Inglese
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6 Valutazioni

Amazing books

David,4 novembre 2021
Amazing 5 books. All Tati.

Alles über einen Stillen

Andreas,2 novembre 2021
Wer die Filme kennt, findet hier alle Hintergrundinfos. Und wer sie nicht kennt, kann die Filme anhand der Bildstrecken nachvollziehen.


Alex,2 novembre 2021
Wundervolle Bücher, gestaltet von mm paris. Grandios!


Martin,29 ottobre 2021
Ein extrem sorgfältig und gut gemachtes Buch, genauer, eine kleine Bibliothek, zu Jacques Tati. Zusammen mit den wunderbaren Filmen gelesen passt alles zusammen.

Great set!

Jop,27 ottobre 2021
Great set of books in a beautiful cover. Nice photos and nice setup. Nice gift!

A masterpiece

Vincent,27 ottobre 2021
An incredible bookset in highly qualitative execution, and very exhaustive. A beautiful design object that will finally make you a connoisseur of Jacques Tati.