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Gaudí. The Complete Works. 40th Ed.

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Antoni Gaudí ha fuso orientalismo, forme naturali e nuovi materiali in un'estetica modernista che ha reso Barcellona la meta degli appassionati di architettura. Con nuove fotografie, progetti, disegni di Gaudí e un'appendice completa delle sue opere, compresi i progetti incompiuti, questo libro ci accompagna alla scoperta della visione unica del mondo dell’orgoglioso catalano.
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Gaudí. The Complete Works. 40th Ed.

Gaudí. The Complete Works. 40th Ed.


The Complete Gaudí

Freedom of form with the “Dante of architecture”

The life of Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) was full of complexity and contradictions. As a young man he joined the Catalonian nationalist movement and was critical of the church; toward the end of his life he devoted himself completely to the construction of one single spectacular church, La Sagrada Família. In his youth, he courted a glamorous social life and the demeanor of a dandy. By the time of his death in a tram accident on the streets of Barcelona, his clothes were so shabby that passersby assumed he was a beggar.

Gaudí’s incomparable architecture channels much of this multifaceted intricacy. From the shimmering surface textures and skeletal forms of Casa Batlló to the Hispano-Arabic matrix of Casa Vicens, his work merged the influences of Orientalism, natural forms, new materials, and religious faith into a unique Modernista aesthetic. Today, his buildings enjoy global popularity and acclaim; his magnum opus, the Sagrada Família, is the most-visited monument in Spain and seven of his works are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Packed full of expert texts and hundreds of full-color illustrations, including new photography, this book presents Gaudí’s complete oeuvre. Like a personal tour through Barcelona, we explore his residential, religious, and public projects. We see how the “Dante of architecture” was a builder in the truest sense of the word, crafting extraordinary constructions out of minute and mesmerizing details, transforming fantastical visions into realities on the city streets.

Rainer Zerbst studied modern languages at the University of Tübingen and in Wales from 1969 to 1975. From 1976 to 1982 he worked as a research assistant in the Department of English at the University of Tübingen. Since completing his doctorate in 1982, Zerbst has been active as a critic in the fields of art, literature, and theater.

Gaudí. The Complete Works. 40th Ed.
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ISBN 978-3-8365-6617-9

Edizione: Spagnolo

ISBN 978-3-8365-6618-6

Edizione: Francese

ISBN 978-3-8365-6619-3

Edizione: Inglese
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4 Valutazioni

Miracle of a book

Ivana M.,4 dicembre 2023
The book is a real treasure for both the architects and regular bookworms!

Gaudí. La obra completa

Arturo,27 dicembre 2021
Un libro muy completo de toda la obra del genial arquitecto catalán. Imprescindible en tu biblioteca.

This book is a nice collection of Gaudi's work

Zoltan,16 novembre 2021
This book is a nice collection of Gaudi's work. The photos are absolutely fantastic.

Gaudí presented as it should be

Philip,27 ottobre 2021
This is a much better book than any I've seen in Barcelona about their favorite architect. Very comprehensive.