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“The godfather of Pop Surrealism.”— Interview, New York, United States
“Mark Ryden is a master of the style.”— The New York Times, New York, United States
“As big guns go, this book is maybe one of the biggest…We reported that Mark Ryden has been featured numerous times in one of our favourite magazines and now you can see why - check out this great collectors item from the TASCHEN publishing company. A truly magnificent title and one for the coffee table, it is a must for anyone who is into contemporary fine art, and one of the best artists from that genre is Mr. Ryden. He has a way of blurring the boundaries between high and low end painting. He started his 'Pop Realism' style in the 1990's and has drawn many followers over the years. Pinxit is a latin term meaning 'painted by' and this colossal leather bound edition is not a book to be look at on one's bent knees for too long, you could do yourself an injury! In fact you can almost take a stroll through it's pages, it's that big - best to use a table to browse through this one.”—
“Cherubic girls, psychic figures and disturbing archetypes are the body and soul of artist Mark Ryden ’s work, the king of cultural kitsch who since the 90’s has drawn global attention. His paintings are among the most recognizable, with big-eyed, nostalgic dressed girls, mythical bunnies and lots of meat. Pinxit is a new limited-edition book by TASCHEN  featuring highlights from Ryden’s greatest exhibitions and includes collected essays by Yoshitomo Nara, Carlo McCormick and others along with a new essay by culture critic Kristine McKenna. All his paintings and sketches are reproduced with the finest techniques available, while over a dozen of them are foldouts.”—
“Many books have been published on Mark Ryden before, but none like this large-format monograph, released in a boxed Collector’s Edition of 1,000 numbered copies, each signed by the artist. This sweeping retrospective brings together nearly two decade’s worth of Mark Ryden’s paintings and works on paper, broadening the horizons of his uncanny universe and bringing it to the world, one big page at a time.”—, Los Angeles, United States
“Ardent fans of the pop surrealist maestro Mark Ryden can pick up a new tome of work spanning Ryden's impressive career published by influential publishing company TASCHEN. The book is a gorgeous, giant piece work in itself, with beautifully reproduced images, tons of essays (including one by yours truly, featured in Hi Fructose Vol 11) gold leaf cover details, and many foldouts (some as wide as 59 inches across!) so the incredible detail of the paintings and drawings can be poured over.”—, Richmond, United States
“The impressive publication, Pinxit, is a comprehensive 366 page survey of Ryden’s 20 year career and is currently available as the Collector’s Edition of 1,000 ($ 1000). We first saw this fantastic book at the Art Basel Miami release party and came away impressed.”—, Los Angeles, United States
“If you have a sweet tooth, beware of Mark Ryden. He goes beyond kitsch and nosedives into the realm of the genuinely cute, with his doe-eyed cherubs and frisky woodland friends. Ryden's technique, reminiscent of the old masters, draws you in with its inviting, glazed-donut sheen. And then things start to get creepy. Underage flesh is rendered with a little too much succulence, eyes begin to appear bloodshot, a party dress, upon closer inspection, is made of raw meat. Ryden leaves you in a state of limbo, dazzled by this naughty nostalgia even against your better judgment. This artist appeals to the darkest interpretations of fantasy. Now you can ogle the pop surrealist weirdo's works in the privacy of your own home with the release of Pinxit, (meaning "painted by" in Latin), featuring work from Ryden's exhibitions The Meat Show, Bunnies & Bees, The Tree Show and more. Yoshitomo Nara, Carlo McCormick and culture critic Kristine McKenna weigh in on Ryden's work in a series of essays; to top it off, there will only be 1,000 editions released, each one signed by the artist.”— The Huffington Post, New York, United States
“A perfectly pink sleeve houses these iconic, creepy, Camden-esque images from the cult artist. Gothic creatures touched by the hand of kitsch march through fairytale landscapes, yet no matter how cute they appear, they can never quite lose their brooding air of abject horror.”— Gay Times, London, United Kingdom
"Ryden’s work is often categorized as a pop surrealist for using kitsch images with heavy cultural connotations. I love it because while it initially appears all whimsical and innocent cuteness, something darker and disturbing runs riot just beneath the surface."—, Dublin, Ireland
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Mark Ryden. Pinxit (Collector's Edition)

Mark Ryden. Pinxit

Hardcover in clamshell box, 14.8 x 19.7 in., 366 pages
$ 1,000
Multilingual Edition: English, French, German
Availability: In Stock
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